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    DIY G10 tube

    I couldn't bring myself to shell out $200 for a 6" of 1" G10 tube. I made a jig out of 1/2" of mild steel tubing and a split piece of PVC pipe. I used 36" 12oz biaxial tape for the cloth. Proset epoxy. When wound on the mandrel the OD was 1.25" and I compressed to 1". This is for a bow eye...
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    F27 rudder downhaul stop

    Looking at this drawing of the f27 rudder head assembly and I don't see what stops the rudder in the down position? I see the bumper for the retracted position on the back of the head. I don't own an f27 I'm thinking of using the rudder since a couple of companies make it. Is it just not shown...
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    Bluewave fittings for dyneema

    Has anyone used these fittings? I tried contacting the retailers listed for the US but no one stocks them or knew of a rigger that's used them. I provided a link to one of the fittings. Thanks.
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    Category A / Area 2A hatch selection

    I need to purchase a foredeck hatch for new construction. Plans call for a 22"x22" hatch. I was looking at lewmar ocean and the bomar equivalent. Bomar is having production problems. In the past I had bomar 100 series hatch but too much money for my budget. Any insight/experience greatly...