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  1. canstead

    New Beneteau First 36

    Re the toilet: my wife sat on the loo, shoved her foot against the bottom of the bulkhead and braced as if mid ocean, then announced it as the perfect space.
  2. canstead

    New Beneteau First 36

    So I had the pleasure of a test sail this weekend. My summary: The designs and build quality of this boat is something else. Everything is coherent. The pictures don’t do justice to how simple and clean this boat is. it’s big. You need to stop thinking this as a 36 and think of it as a short...
  3. canstead

    New Beneteau First 36

    Ah bollocks
  4. canstead

    New Beneteau First 36

    Could we start a different thread to talk about that stuff, and just stick to the subject here?  When are we going to see pictures etc? @Kristian Seascape I appreciate you've been told not to post much, but ask them where/when they are going to post some official stuff.
  5. canstead

    New Beneteau First 36

    It's great to look into a bunch of suitably qualified and experienced people comment on highly technical things. However, in this thread there's a bunch of people who really don't have an idea about a subject getting all...
  6. canstead

    the greed for speed

    While I'm a big fan of your particular boat, it's worth pointing out that the company that made them fairly quickly went out of business.
  7. canstead

    the greed for speed

    Your absolute statements are not correct. I spent this Saturday drifting around the Southampton Boatshow in the UK.  The vast majority of boats offered were for the Plebs, not the Elite. From a sail-ability point of view it was all about simplicity.  Even to the detriment of race-ability.  Of...
  8. canstead


    Anyone seen any pictures out of Cannes?
  9. canstead

    Boat pets

    I dunno, I'll ask my cat.
  10. canstead

    Retirement planning - how much does it cost!

    Brilliant, thanks.
  11. canstead

    Retirement planning - how much does it cost!

    That's spot on, thanks.
  12. canstead

    Retirement planning - how much does it cost!

    That’s a good approach, thanks
  13. canstead

    Retirement planning - how much does it cost!

    Two of us.  Not too many toys, a couple of bikes, normal electronics, more restaurants than taco stands, local buses are fine, flights I’ve already got sorted.  Just an average way of life really.
  14. canstead

    Retirement planning - how much does it cost!

    So, I know a bunch of you are raising your eyebrows, digging out your pieces of string, looking for old threads that I really should have done a search for, but none the less.... ...My financial advisor is asking me how much I need to put into the spreadsheet for my future cruising plans.  In...
  15. canstead

    GS 44 vs Pogo 44

    A Lotus is great at being a Lotus, whereas a Land Rover has absolutely nailed being a Land Rover. Which one is ‘better’ depends on whether you are after a Lotus, or a Land Rover. <<feels contentment at saying worlds most obvious thing, and wonders why this thread even exists>>
  16. canstead

    what is the purpose of a 5 hold clew plate for a jib

    It’s always great to see posts where posters just can’t be bothered to understand the OP’s question, and just want to blub on about their own knowledge! The OP knows what a clew board does, and it’s not self tacking. For what it’s worth, I reckon the de-anodised mast is the best reason on...
  17. canstead

    Somewhat fast boats with standing headroom

    So here's a tangent question.  How long do you need to go before you get head room and good looks?
  18. canstead

    Mills Foiling Mini-Maxi

    Watching the Vendee, where old low-riders were nearly matching newer high-riders, and you have to ask what would have happened if someone had built a bang-up-to-date lowrider, I'm getting to the point of thinking that foiling and ocean boats possibly aren't looking like a good solution.  Not for...
  19. canstead

    Vendee Globe 2020

    I’m an irregular reader here, have you already covered the ‘would an up to date latest generation non-foiler have won this race?’