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    Thinking about a masthead tricolor nav light

    Posted yesterday at 07:18 PM   On 3/7/2021 at 6:46 PM, Mark Morwood said: Keep the windex light, reuse the wire, and wire the windex light in parallel with the masthead light (assuming the wire is large enough for the combined load). You'll still want the Windex light...
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    I believe, Buzzards Bay Light Tower was preceded by Lightships, with the word Vineyard (for VIneyard Sound) on its hull. It was the original turning point for the race.
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    History of Red-on-Right-Returning

    some info here and
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    Thickened epoxy in a tube recommendations?

    My marina recently turned me on to this They had some in stock so I didn't have to order thru the manufacturer. Comes in small size, thickened, 1:1 ratio. Screw on tops make throwing in a bag simple.
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    Connecticut Turnpike Traffic Alert for weekends of June 1 and June 8!

    maps of detours here
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    2019 Inflatable PFD's

    these aren't too terrible. I have a few, the neck folds down. 22lbs and similar style
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    Red Over Green Sailing Machine

      4 hours ago, Mark Morwood said: I assume the OP wants them because with red over green all round lights for people who do look up, you also have side lights and a stern light at the deck level for those who don't. With a tri-color you should not be running any deck level navigation lights...
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    Red Over Green Sailing Machine

    I think what you are looking for is and However, if they don't see the tricolor up top (because they don't look up), how does...
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    yanmar rebuild?

    Also had 3gm30f rebuilt within last 3yrs (CT). It was fairly extensive. Don't recall any issues with parts. Had carefully considered rebuild vs repower and it mainly came down to all the downstream effects of moving to a newer model - including having to redesign the engine cabinet and steps...
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    from FP---rescue from sailboat in the Med

    5-yo kid on board. i imagine that changes the dynamic and interest in sticking it out, quite a bit
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    Over heating Yanmar 3QM30H

    Are you leaving your engine intake thru hull open while sailing?  Sounds a lot like my old boat. Learned to close thru hull quickly after turning engine off, every time. If left open the drag of water across the thru hull opening while sailing would create an air lock. Especially in any kind of...
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    phrf scoring question

    we often have finishers 25 or more minutes apart in our local phrf racing. how long was the course? what were the conditions? what are the ratings of the boats? did you witness the finish? ...are you certain 25 mins is not correct?
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    MOB-Lifeline failure

    Glad everyone is ok. Take a look at this video to better understand the effects of cold water, these are fairly young strong volunteers. The difference between wearing a life jacket and not, are dramatic. The gasp reflex alone can do you in. After returning from an evening race during a rain...