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    Raymarine ST6002 control head display failing

    I have a Raymarine ST6002 autopilot. The display on the control head is partially blank. The only effect is part of the 3 in 300 + degrees is missing.  It works fine and I can live with display. However does anyone know if the display will get worse rapidly. It is 10+ years old and done some...
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    11 Years ago my boat was the subject of a no expense spared major refit. All hoses and hose clips were replaced. A substantial supply of spare clips formed part of the inventory when I bought her.  In the past 5 years 1 to 3 clips have failed each year. Not because they were over tightened or...
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    Kyocera solar panels 135 watt

    I have 3 Kyocera solar panels and am very happy with them. They are at least 11 years old and still doing the business. I would like to add another   Kyocera 135 watt solar panel size is 650mm by 1440 mm I understand that they may not be available anymore. If not what is the best alternative...
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    Rip off or reasonable profit margin?

    Recently I have had to replace two items on my boat both are safety related.  The first was the LPG solenoid. If I bought one from the local chandler it would be the same as the one that had just disintegrated in a pile of rust in less than 2 years and would cost 95 $ US. If I bought one from...
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    Henderson pump help needed

    The boat was built in Florida in 1978. I suspect that these pumps are original fitment. I have three one for each shower sump and one manual bilge pump.  I don't use one of the showers and the manual bilge pump gets an annual test then rests for a year. The pump in the shower that I use daily...
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    22 Poles are looking for a boat in Sydney.

    22 Poles arrived in Sydney expecting to do the Sydney Hobart race on the chartered boat Monster Project. It appears there may have been some shenanigans with the insurance documentation. The race organisers refused to accept the entry. M ore here Monster Project is welded to the dock?
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    Rudder thrust washer[s] location construction and material

    I have a 44 ft GRP monohull [ Explorer 44 ] which was built in the USA in 1978 by the New Bombay Trading Company It has a skeg hung rudder. The rudder shaft enters the hull just above the waterline at rest. The boat is wheel steered with a mechanical [ wire ] system.  i am pretty sure the...
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    The story of my inner forestay failure and repair LONG

    Short version the fitting between the threaded Norsemen and the overcenter lever failed and I got a similar fitting and adapted it to fit Long version. My boat is a 44 ft cutter built in the USA in 1978. I have sailed her around the Eastern Caribbean for the last 9 years. We were sailing up to...
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    Is it OK to use my anchor windlass to lift my dinghy like this?

    I have had recent shoulder problems and I want to avoid lifting my 250 - 300 lb dinghy and OB by hand.  I have a rear arch fitted with 2 x 2 pulley block and tackles. So by my calculation the pull required is about 75 lbs. If I join the 2 pulley lines together I can then take a single line...
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    Part of the ICW in South Carolina to be closed until 19th October.  See for more
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    I need to identify the maker of the eye fitting

    Does anyone know who makes this or made it in the past or where I can get similar? It is threaded internally for a 1/2 inch Norseman fitting  UNF ? The eye is 5/8th
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    Perkins 4.154 starter question

    My Perkins starter motor is poorly with some corrosion on the front of the shaft preventing the engagement of the small gear when the solenoid is engaged. I am hoping to get it put back into action but would like to buy a new one and keep the old one as a spare.When I search for a replacement on...
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    Another St Marten OOPS

    Well after the cock up over the refusal to allow the first salvage barge to continue operating we have this   Just what they need more wreckage on the bottom of the lagoon.
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    Removing headsails for Irma Duty of Care?

    When you look at the pictures of wrecked boats a surprising number still have their roller furling headsail bent on.      [from Wikipedia]Every list of things to do to ready a boat for a hurricane or high winds includes and item to remove the roller furling headsail. So...
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    The front fell off

    OK I could not resist this. The front did fall off the Leonardo, a 114-metre-long dry cargo ship, which was anchored near Istanbul at the time.  
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    Storm hits Ibiza many yachts ashore

    A storm with winds in excess of 50 knots has blown many yachts ashore in Formentera harbor.  Youtube vid
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    Replacing the likes of Fastbottoms

    Who needs to employ barnacle scraping divers when these guys are around LOVE THE CRUNCHING SOUNDS Video courtesy of Stingo
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    UK pontoon boat old school maybe but with some style

    Caption anybody?
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    Sailing an Optimist around the IOW maybe tougher than the channel?

    There is a thread on crossing the channel in an Optimist. Now I am not decrying that achievement but I know a bunch of kids 11 to 13 sailed their Opis around the Isle of Wight. It is about 55 miles and there are some serious tidal gates and lots of...
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    You have to watch this. What would a good caption be?