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    Liteboat xp20

    The set-up time is minimal. Assemble the mast and raise it. unroll the main and hoist and you’re done. Could not be simpler or faster. I chose the boat because I wanted propulsion for the r2ak. The fact that it was designed by Sam Manuard and that it is very different from other boats played a...
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    Liteboat xp20

    I do not think anybody has put a wishboom on the xp. My boom is a curved boom, which might make it look like a wishboom.
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    Liteboat xp20

    It is a centerboard (fully retracts, flush). It has some lead in it to self-right the boat. I never capsized the boat and never felt close to capsizing it. There are some videos on the liteboat website that show capsize and self righting. The oars are 2 parts. you can store them in the cockpit...
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    Liteboat xp20

    Hello, I raced r2ak 2018 and ec2021 with a LiteXP 20. I can only say good things about the boat.  It sails very well, especially with the Gennaker up. As you would expect for a boat this size, and as a sailer, rowing os painful but you can still sustain 3kts average over a pretty long period...
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    Sunlight readable tablet experience?

    Hello, I am developing a sunlight readable tablet using an eInk screen and linux OS. Battery life will be about 36 hours with constant use. Don’t hesitate to pm if you are interested.
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    Foresail Sock? ID needed

    Hey, that’s my boat ;-) This is a snuffer I made for my gennaker. Works wonders.
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    rs aero

    Is there an RS aero heading to Chicago?
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    what is it?

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    what is it and where is it from?

    A US Navy target boat that drifted from Florida to Cornwall in the UK.
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    You Make The Call - Banderas Bay Regatta Crash & Injury

    Why do people race big boats bare foot?