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    motorcycle trouble on a FRIDAY no less

    1988 Honda NX250 dual sport. First time I had trouble I was riding home after a short 12 mile errand. Bike was warm and running fine and then just quit - no spark is what I thought. Every other electrical system worked fine and consistent. I pulled over and began pulling things apart looking...
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    virus heat???

    Apparently I caught some kind of computer std today and don't know how! I also do not know how to get it gone. I have tried the normal antibiotic approaches with virus protection and spyware but I still got that stupid virus heat. Anybody else figure this one out. I've done some searching...
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    peeping tom on tin can cam

    Just thought I would check out the exploratorium cam to see if the tin cam could be spotted at night and found someone watching a chick in her house! san fran cam
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    small town joys and embarrassments

    We got home early this afternoon from a great birthday weekend. The weather was perfect - 60's and sunny, slight breeze. I got my 4 year old and our little sabot and headed down the road to the back bay. We invited a couple friends to come out for their first time sailing. We knew the tide...
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    water line

    I apologize if this has been hashed to death before. I did a couple searches and got tired of not seeing what I was looking for. I recently started making payments on my tri. It is an "newer" ship yard built Piver Victress. The inside was either not finished, or being redone, but needed...
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    unofficial caption contest

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    who thinks SA'ers are too involved in 1000 day critique?

    Just an experiment to see if anyone thinks we spend too much time critiquing the 1000 Days at Sea. Let's have it