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  1. Timo42

    Lehr 2.5 propeller

    Does anyone know if there is a high thrust propeller available for the Lehr 2.5? Was given one, figure on running it until it breaks, but it is a bit anemic pushing a Sc27. 
  2. Timo42

    Arecibo collapsed...

    Analyzing Video Footage Of Collapse of Massive Arecibo Telescope - YouTube
  3. Timo42

    Mast up dry storage, use it or lose it...

    My club is moving to a new facility with limited dry storage available for sailing dinghies, we want to make sure that space is available for active racers, so we want to incorporate a use it or lose it policy in the dry storage agreement. Anyone care to share their club's policy and/or...
  4. Timo42

    SB/KH #45

    Who's in? What sayeth the weather gurus?
  5. Timo42

    The return of Kaptain Korn?

    Looking a little ragged, rumor has it that he's on his way to Aus.
  6. Timo42

    N2E in 5, 4, ...

    So who else is in? B) The owner sent out an email requesting that crew put 2 days worth of required medication in a ziplock bag to put in the ditch bag...I asked if my medication came in a 750ml bottle did I still need the ziplock... :ph34r:
  7. Timo42

    The Day The Music Died

  8. Timo42

    A special kind of stupid...

  9. Timo42

    Floriduh 2017

    Starting with a bang...
  10. Timo42

    Red Army Choir DTS on Christmas...'s going to be a hell of a concert up there this year. :(
  11. Timo42

    Getting back aboard...C15

    Not a dinghy guy or spring chicken, but a couple of weeks ago at the club it seemed like a good idea to drive a C15 in the Outlook regatta, the owner/driver is currently about 800mi out of Hawaii delivering a boat back to PNW. First practice, we zipped around the marina and up the channel before...
  12. Timo42

    Feed your dogs.

    So they don't go over to the neighbors looking for a hand out.
  13. Timo42

    Stormwatch 2016 Part Deux!!!

    Batten down the hatches Rico. Coming down like cats and dogs right now, hail going sideways, the drive into work is going to be fun...
  14. Timo42

    Wite like Snaggletooth day is coming!

    Ist' bene a longe fuor yearese.
  15. Timo42

    It's happening now... :o

  16. Timo42

    DA-WOODY's worst nightmare.

    One badass raccoon.
  17. Timo42

    It finally happened...

  18. Timo42

    And so it begins...

    Robot kills man at Volkswagen plant. :o Must be a slow news day...
  19. Timo42

    STORMWATCH 2015!!!

    Los Angeles lashed by torrential drizzle, film at 11. You'd think people had never seen rain before <_<
  20. Timo42

    Not that I'm planning on checking out anytime soon

    Chinese funeral strippers. Need I say more.