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  1. Pertinacious Tom

    The debate over assault weapons

    You'd think it would persuade noted Hahvahd constitutional law professor and gun control advocate Lawrence Tribe. He probably agreed when the quote was made, but Tribe is a reader and susceptible to facts so ultimately realized that he needed to change his mind and change his constitutional law...
  2. Pertinacious Tom

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I'm not that kind so you imagine wrong. I don't know a thing about it. I had a nuisance gator once. Then I didn't. But I never had a tag nor made any money. Gator gumbo was outstanding though.
  3. Pertinacious Tom


    Spanish sailors would locate artesian springs in the gulf by the rotten egg smell. On a calm day, they could scoop up the spring water floating on top of the salt water. I've drunk that water as a kid. It's not good but works if you're thirsty. I always wondered just how bad their shipboard...
  4. Pertinacious Tom

    Golf Cart Anarchy:

    I tried disassembling the problem parts but learned that they corrode together and I would likely break something. I got sent away by most every cart shop in the area before trying the one originally suggested to me. All the others couldn't get rid of me fast enough when they learned about the...
  5. Pertinacious Tom

    leasing prisoners

    Kids for Cash Privatizing state punishment is going to lead to this kind of thing. The profit incentive works and that's a problem where it doesn't belong.
  6. Pertinacious Tom

    Cuba, protests..

    Cuba Liberalizes Economy as Economic Crisis and Protests Grow So that's new.
  7. Pertinacious Tom

    Coup Coup Catchyou!

    This part kinda is: Bit of a victory lap anyway. NTTIAWWT.
  8. Pertinacious Tom

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Because the Endangered Species Act worked very well. It was hard to find a gator driving across Tamiami Trail when I was a kid. Now they're everywhere. The other answer is that government is kinda slow. We quit protecting them too late and still protect them too much, so have more than we...
  9. Pertinacious Tom

    Elect a Nazi, Get a Nazi

    Ousted Progressive Prosecutor Files 1st Amendment Lawsuit Against Ron DeSantis Some people just appear to certain cops to need stopping and frisking. As we saw in NY, this is actually OK if their motives are consistent with TeamD's highest priority. I'm guessing that's the press conference...
  10. Pertinacious Tom

    Russia warns it may cut bilateral ties with United States

    One unfortunate flaw in the analogy is that we haven't always been nice to native tribes since the year 1800.
  11. Pertinacious Tom

    1/6 Committee

  12. Pertinacious Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Yes, I said that. Sanders was the best the Duopoly had to offer, and still, of course, not as good as a libertarian. But at least not a career drug warrior who wrote our drug war looting laws like Biden.
  13. Pertinacious Tom

    No Fly List Is Unconstitutional

    Let's hope they don't.
  14. Pertinacious Tom

    When does Social media hate speech become a real Threat???

    I told you what would happen, didn't I?
  15. Pertinacious Tom

    Latest gossip from China

    This might be why they all want to kill him.
  16. Pertinacious Tom

    Tulsi Gabbard

    Sorry about what? Do you have something to say about something I have posted? Quote it and reply.
  17. Pertinacious Tom

    Kelo v. City of New London,

  18. Pertinacious Tom

    Drug Prohibition: Still Stupid

    Founded in 1986, huh? I was doing psychedelic drug research around that time too.
  19. Pertinacious Tom

    FBI storms Mar a Lago

    Trump's Defense Suggests His Treatment of Classified Material Was Remarkable Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading.