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  1. Pertinacious Tom

    Clash of the Ego Titans

    I didn't come up with it, but that does seem to be a needed thread title, so...
  2. Pertinacious Tom

    Prosecutor Clerks for Judge

    Prosecutor Clerks for Judge   I agree with the quoted nutjob.
  3. Pertinacious Tom

    FBI Respects Affluenza

    FBI Respects Affluenza   Judge Wilkins' reaction is why I'm glad we just got a public defender on the Supreme Court. You get a different reaction when it's your client's door (defender) vs your target's door (prosecutor.)
  4. Pertinacious Tom

    MAGA troglodytes behaving badly

    The original thread has been archived but I thought that a catchy title. Anyway, Jussie Smollett Tries To Convince the Court 'There Was No Hoax' I like eggs. We even have some chickens so I eat lots of eggs. Not so sure I'd go out in 20 below for eggs. Or any other reason, for that matter. How...
  5. Pertinacious Tom

    DO NOTHING About Big Tech

    It's an offbeat idea but at least getting a little notice. Of course, ideas backed by powerful politicians have a lot better chance. In that area, we have: DO SOMETHING About Big Tech (but leave harmless little MegaLoMart and Target alone)   Hmm... so protecting the little guy turns out to...
  6. Pertinacious Tom

    CIA's Secret Polish Torture Site

    US v Zubaydah was heard at SCOTUS yesterday. Seems like the BIG question is whether we can admit that the CIA tortured people in Poland. (No, arguing about it at the Supreme Court is not admitting it, apparently.) It must not be a question of much partisan interest because Zubaydah has only...
  7. Pertinacious Tom

    Everglades Challenge 2022

    I know it's kind of early but just saw what I consider YUGE news. SPAWN is going to do the Ultimate FL Challenge. The 2018 version, for those unfamiliar with the boat/team.
  8. Pertinacious Tom

    Tasteless Beer

    Well, the labels anyway, but commercial $peech is protected by the first amendment, so they should be OK.   The Slants' case was the topic of a 2017 thread but it proved uninteresting and has been archived. I hope Mr. Caruso and Flying Dog are as successful this time around as they were in 2016.
  9. Pertinacious Tom

    Remember: Give A Copy To The Government Again

    The wheels of justice move a bit more slowly than the wheels of archiving. The original thread on this topic: Valancourt Books lost round one  
  10. Pertinacious Tom

    AIR Baltimore vs 4th Amendment

    Appeals Court Rules Aerial Police Tracking of Citizens Violates Fourth Amendment   It's the three word answer that cops often don't want to hear: Get a warrant.
  11. Pertinacious Tom

    Big Tech and Uncommon Carriers

    Florida Legislators Exempt Their Favorite Companies From Social Media Bill   I hope Szóka is right about that.
  12. Pertinacious Tom

    Is Rape "Incident To" Military Service?

    The Supreme Court seems to think so, except for Justice Thomas, who seems to think not.
  13. Pertinacious Tom

    Farmington "University"

    ICE's Fake College Defrauded Students, Then Deported Them. The Biden Admin Is Defending the Scheme.   Not sure which is worse, deliberately defrauding these people out of their money or selectively targeting what seem to me to be the best immigrants we could hope to get, people like "Suraj"...
  14. Pertinacious Tom

    Acquitted By Jury, Then Sentenced

    This arguably belongs in the stupid drug war thread, but it's a special kind of drug war stupidity and might be used outside the drug war for all I know. Acquitted Conduct Got Florida Man A Longer Sentence   Da fuk? Even noted drug war dinosaur Grassley can see that the part I bolded above is...
  15. Pertinacious Tom

    743 Years and 3 Months. 117 Years. 51 Years. Why Are These Men's Sentences So Long?

    743 Years and 3 Months. 117 Years. 51 Years. Why Are These Men's Sentences So Long?   Tacking those 3 months onto 743 years is extra tough on crime.
  16. Pertinacious Tom

    Mark Schlefer Is Dead. Long Live The FOIA

    Mark Schlefer Is Dead. Long Live The FOIA I never heard of him but he wrote it. He was 98.  
  17. Pertinacious Tom

    Bird Town

    Bird Town You know, a town where they fine you for having backyard chickens and ducks.   We have chickens and I've thought about bees but have neighbors whose son is extremely allergic to them. They object to the idea, so I haven't done it. Like my other neighbors, they appreciate free fresh...
  18. Pertinacious Tom

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.

    Fuck School. Fuck Softball. Fuck Everything.   Now the Supreme Court will sort out whether she can say such a thing without consequences from her school.
  19. Pertinacious Tom

    The Sedition Problem

    The Sedition Problem No, not the nincomcoup, or I would have posted in one of the many threads about it. The OTHER sedition problem...   The problem is the same as it ever was, same as RICO laws, same as the Patriot Act, same as our asset forfeiture laws. "We're gonna git that scary...
  20. Pertinacious Tom

    Frozen Cherry Pie Anarchy

    Well, not really, but it's a funny thread title to me.