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    Adventures in Photoshop

    too bad this is most likely fake
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    Swan 42 Quintessence

    on the rocks at Larchmont this afternoon
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    Does anyone have a recommendation for on the water service of Raytheon electronics in the area of western long island sound? Or if someone can suggest a fix to my problem that would also be great. The autopilot heading is off. Nothing was changed or added to the boat over the winter. First...
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    EBYRA 2011

    first race is tomorrow, who is in?
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    WLIS / CT Boat Surveyor

    I am in the process of donating a boat to a charity that will be using the boat for the required 3 years. I need a surveyor in WLIS / CT to provide a fair appraisal of the boat for the tax deduction. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    AYC Fall - LOST BAG

    After racing Saturday I left my bag on the roof of my car to dry. Fast forward an unknown amount of dark & stormies and it being dark out, I forgot the bag was up there and drove off. Is there any chance that someone picked it up; it was a black, gray & orange north face backpack.
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    CPYC - Weds Night Series

    it looks like partnership did the right thing by withdrawing last night. They went outside the racecourse but were not the only boat that did...
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    Think you are having a bad day?

    900 NM's to civilization.....
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    ISAF Contact Information

    My ID has expired and I need it valid for tomorrow, nothing like the last minute...
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    Front Page - Fat Boy

    How can they tack or do they just hoist for a test sail on one board?