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  1. Varan

    Race Week Anacortes

    Missed last year. Any tips? We will be tent camping in the gravel of the RV park. Stop by for a beer. Think it will ever go to Point Roberts? Gonna miss those OHYC mussells and breakfasts.
  2. Varan


    How 'bout a separate thread on the AC40... Sail-World has a regurgitated blub. Looks like a cool 4up boat.
  3. Varan

    Vendee Globe 2024

    It's approaching and Armel is looking for a new ride.
  4. Varan

    How about a The Ocean Race Europe thread?

    Maybe seven crewed IMOCAs and seven VO65s, if you believe what you read.
  5. Varan

    AC37 Broadcast Requests

    Disclaimer.. I am dyslexic, drunk, yet passionate and honest, oh.. and pecking on my phone. So here we go... 1. Filter out normal boat noises. You have hours of recordings for each boat. The obnoxious noises when sheets are eased or tightened. It is not rocket surgery, it's annoying, ...
  6. Varan

    R2AK 2021

    Team Barely Legal makes international news. Sorry if this thread is redundant. I searched, replied to what I thought was the correct thread, but then could not find it. Whoops. So here we go...
  7. Varan

    Sealing end grain?

    Sad day ahead. In two weeks we are taking out a small stand of white pine and fir that have lived fine long lifes, but are now suffering from age.  Our logger estimates their age at 150. All are too big for the mills around us, but there is a mill in Montana that takes oversized, up to 42" in...
  8. Varan

    Binoculars revisited again (and again and again)

    Okay, I'm a fuck up, sorry. Need to replace some binocs. Did my best to socially isolate this weekend. Hiked up a local peak, saw no one, smoked some herb, came home, but my steiners we no longer in my pack. Ferckin left them up top.  So what is it, new steiners, Fujinon? Rarely use them on the...
  9. Varan

    Farr 30 revisited

    From sail-world. Always liked the Mumm/Farr 3O.  This one seems to have Vo65 influence. 
  10. Varan

    Transat Jacque Vabre 2019

    October 27 is just around the corner and the new breed of IMOCA are being revealed. Looking forward to this one. Let the countdown begin.
  11. Varan

    How about a The Ocean Race thread?

    Sorry Volvo, you are out. So to kick things off, course options in Part Three.
  12. Varan

    AC36 Newsletters
  13. Varan

    WIRW 2020

    So what venue will replace Oak Harbor next year? Anacortes? Port Townsend?
  14. Varan

    Hiking straps

    Anyone have a good source for hiking straps? Need some 2" wide by about 50" long with loops on each end. Prefer barefoot friendly (padded) ones. Cheers.
  15. Varan

    Just a little FP...

  16. Varan

    Fire at Everett Marina

    Gonna need a bigger hose... More here
  17. Varan

    Seascape 14

    What's the scoop?
  18. Varan

    Trailer pad material

    Time to replace the padding on fiberglass moulded trailer bunks. Looking for something better than carpet. Any recommendation? Search was no help. Hydroturf seems a bit thin and brittle for this application.
  19. Varan

    LBRW 2018

    Been invited to trim on a J70. Never been to Long Beach. Any tips?
  20. Varan

    WIRW 2018 - someone had to do it.