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    Infiniti 52 lost in the north Atlantic

    Really sad to hear news of the new Infiniti 52 lost in the Atlantic. Especially all the hard work by the building team at the yard and all the suppliers.  Report strangely missing much of the story, just saying that it hit a UFO, the four crew were taken off by a tanker and the subsequent...
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    AC 38! What chance the Cup is raced in Auckland?

    Even with a change of government, an uplift in economic activity and the end of Covid, I wonder if, after a successful defense by TNZ in Barcelona, AC38 will be run in Auckland.  Auckland waters, weather and the Viaduct area are great venues (particularly for the crews, their wives and families...
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    INEOS Cup. Auckland 19-21 March. $1m prize fund

    Come on AC fans facing severe foiling withdrawal symptoms next week. Let's get a petition via Weta, Salty and all the other kiwi Anarchists. Please Sir Jim,  Put up the INEOS Cup next weekend with fleet racing for AC75's.  We don't want to see these crazy fast yachts mothballed, or even...
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    AC36: The Match (6-15th March. Reserve days to the 21st)

    I guess it is time we had a thread dedicated for the Match. Especially now with the three day covid lockdown there is a distinct possibility that the Prada Cup will go by default to LR if the race committee run out of time by next Tuesday.  INEOS have dropped right out of the NZ Tab market and...
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    AC37: The NYYC want to go backwards. Let's keep foiling!

    Here's hoping that American Magic don't win as it seems that the team principals (probably not TerryH though) and their club want to go back to 80-100ft maxi style monohulks. Gary (Who he) also stepped into the debate.  I was sceptical about even the principal of a winged monohull getting...
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    2024 Paris Olympics Professional Status

    Reading that Ken Read and Shirley Roberston are considering competing in the 2024 Paris Olympics I am not sure where this fits in with the amateur ideal as both clearly would not qualify. 
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    Cagliari First Ever AC75 Regatta Predictions 23-26 April

    New year, new AC race series.  And what a feast we have to look forward to! Never one to be boring, the America's Cup has once again turned up the boat design heat. Yes, the towering Kiwi Big Boat of Michael Fay was something else to admire with some great NZ engineering and ingenuity, but not...
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    Fastnet 2021 finish in Cherbourg? Zoot alors! What must the RORC be thinking

    Shocked at TE's news that RORC might be announcing 2021 Fastnet finish moving from Plymouth to Cherbourg on Tuesday. Destroying all that history for what? Filthy lucre no doubt.  I just can't believe it. TE has been pretty accurate on everything else up to now though. Nobody else is out there...
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    World Sailing in the Red. Where has all the money gone?

    Heard a report that World Sailing has used up all the IOC income, over $15 million and are now having to borrow money against the next Olympic bonanza.  Where has all the money gone? 
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    Hugo Boss not in the Fastnet. Does AT not fancy the opposition?

    I know he has a new boat launching soon, but surely he would learn plenty lining up against the 11 other Fastnet IMOCA 60 foilers?
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    Challenger helping the Defender. Not in the spirit of the AC

    Dean Barker not surprisingly admitted that he would be helping OTUSA to beat the challengers and was out tuning up and practice starting today.  Surely if anybody should be fined for bringing ths Cup into disrepute it would be Dean and his crew and not GD.  The Defender has always had an...
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    Bang the corner sailing or exciting match racing?

    After defeat BA says he thinks ETNZ has a good chance of winning.  Also that ETNZ should keep the foiling cats.  Also that he hopes GD will turn the Cup around in two years?  Same boats same courses.  Is he dreaming?  Clearly not his call having been a founder member with Whitmarsh of the...
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    Thank God Dalts is back just when we needed him

    "I don't know Hugh Welbourn personally," said Dalton. "But I have seen a few designs he did in the '80s, which were basically pigs." Great comments from GD.  Can't wait for more. I guess he could not care about the gagging order any more.  ...
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    Encore Boatbuilders sack anti Trump immigrant workers. Boycott them

    In South Carolina, 21 members of staff at a boat manufacturing company were reportedly fired for taking part. Juvenito Quintana and 20...
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    Will Grant be able to save the AC ?

    Looks like GD is the only person who will be able to save us from the new Framework agreed in London. It looks like a major stitch up. The framework agreement and agreed future protocol binds the signatories to deliver the 36th America's Cup (AC36) and the 37th America's Cup (AC37) under the...
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    What might Ben Ainslie's vision for the AC be (just in case BAR wi

    Maybe not too premature to speculate? My monies still on Oracle with all the advantages of sailing time and facilities in Bermuda, loads more money and of course opportunity to race against the challenger before the Cup starts. Still would be good to get a feel what Sir Ben is thinking. He...
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    Where is Hugo Boss? Why not entered for the Transat

    How come the mast walking man is not entered in the Transat. He crashed out again (early as usual from the TGV so surely plenty of time to get ready for May 2nd start. Surely he more than most needs the race practice and his boat needs the test. What's up? Instead he has chosen for a nice...
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    Why is ISAF spending so much on a new TV series? Are there better ways

    Even though discussed within other threads I think the whole issue of ISAF spending millions on a new TV show needs to be debated separately. Should the ISAF income from the IOC be spent on making expensive TV shows rather than promoting the sport in other ways? There are already independent...
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    Farr new rudder design for First 40.7! What about the keel?

    Just read that Farr Yacht Design has designed a new rudder including construction details for the Beneteau First 40.7. They say this rudder will be a significant improvement for all existing Beneteau First 40.7s. It features a deeper blade span for improved efficiency, and a thinner, lower drag...