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  1. Tornado-Cat

    The AC37 yacht

    I will not be the present AC75, what will it be ?
  2. Tornado-Cat

    New protocol

    The protocol will have to be amended, what will the modifications be, and how will it happen knowing the mutual consented love between CoR/D ?
  3. Tornado-Cat

    Boats and foils comparison

    We have 4 very different boats, which will be the best option ?
  4. Tornado-Cat

    The winning factor

    The AC75 are terra incognito and designers now speculate on the winning factor. The boat has to be fast, stable and reliable to win the AC. So, what will be the winning factor: - Foil : not sure, all teams now have a good knowledge of it. - Arm: no it is one design and seems bullet proof now...
  5. Tornado-Cat

    AC75 vs F50 and Maxis

    It is now official , we have a new F50, improved and more powerful version of the AC50. We already had discussions and comparisons with the AC75 in another thread but I think the comparison deserves another thread to try to answer these questions: - fastest in same conditions ? upwind ...
  6. Tornado-Cat

    The foil of the future

    What is the foil of the future : V, L, C, J, Z, T, W, flaps ? - V, also called uptip is used on the GC 32, Flying Phantom, Nacra 20 fcs, but is not competitive with the L - L is fast but need oil and slaves, the worst demontration of hamster sailers, slaves working to get green lights for...
  7. Tornado-Cat

    Loser Vuitton ?

    SA FP title today : "The loser Vuitton" That loser ? Bernard Arnault, owner of Vuiton,  is today the first fortune of France with 46,9 billions of Euros. You are going to tell me, France, small change.... Well, if we take Larry's last fortune figures, he is ahead.... and by far this year...
  8. Tornado-Cat

    Who is the new CoR and what kind of AC will the want ?

    It's end of an era, the end of GGYC as defender, perhaps the end of Bermudas as a venue. The CoR already sent his challenge which as already been accepted and signed by TNZ, who are they ? what will they want ?
  9. Tornado-Cat

    Why was TNZ faster ?

    In fact TNZ was not really faster, they sailed a shorter course allowing a better vmg, why did they win ? what was their secret(s): - foils ? - wing trimming ? - cyclors ? - controls ? - combination ? - other ?
  10. Tornado-Cat

    What will Jimmy try tomorrow, his last ace ?

    Perhaps the last race, what will Jimmy try ? I find myself in the strange position of hoping Jimmy does better or even wins, for the pleasure of watching more races. What do you think he will do ? what may be his last ace ?
  11. Tornado-Cat

    What will Oracle modify during these 5 days to try to recover

    JS said everything was on the table, what shall we see next weekend ? What we will not see: - cyclors, it would take too long to train them - completely new foils in carbon, it would take too long to make them What we may see: - better crew aero, must be pretty easy to do - modified foils...
  12. Tornado-Cat

    What new AC 36 Class boat would you like ?

    What new AC Class boat would you like ? If Oracle wins we know the boat will be quite the same, if TNZ wins it will be different, whatever, what would you like ? For me: - same 15 M length and platform for maximum number of teams - open design hulls, it would not really change the cost -...
  13. Tornado-Cat

    Who and why will the first team be eliminated ?

    Everybody focussed on the speed of the boat, but for who and why will the first team be eliminated: - slower boat ? - too many mistakes in the transition and bow diving ? - breakage ? best teams could not finish last races. What do you think ? who will be right here ?
  14. Tornado-Cat

    For a web cam in Bermudas

    The present web cams in BDA's harbour is not well positioned, and there is nothing we can wait from highly paid, highly incompetent ACEA bureaucrats. Could we ask somebody, and if necessary share the cost, to position a web cam covering at least a part of the race course ? We don't need to...
  15. Tornado-Cat

    Will they change the Deed of Gift ?

    Seems that some, mainly BA, would like to change the AC format: shorter AC cycle for TV, ACWS counting for more, one design. They say they don't want to change the DoG, but it is only possible with a new winner and a new MC, or.......... they have to change the Deed...
  16. Tornado-Cat

    The winning foils

    Most agree that the 3 winning factors will be the aero, the control systems and mainly the foils. It is not will not be possible to observe parts of the control systems. So what will be the winning foils ? TJ, supposed to be the fastest T, with classic L OR with classic L BAR with bananas...
  17. Tornado-Cat

    What are AC35 winning factors ?

    What are AC 35 winning factors ? We know that design is limited with some places for development, that wind will be light, we don't know how the race director will interpret the prot and what the other teams are working on and we have the known unknowns. Here are some stats posted by Blunted...
  18. Tornado-Cat

    The new AC 15m class rule V 1.2 (june 2015)

    The new AC15m deserves its own thread.
  19. Tornado-Cat

    The notion of YC

    GLS established the Deed and the notion of YC for both the defender and the challenger, however, the defender, GGYC excluded the members the members from their decision making process, members agree they have no say at all. The name "club" is a transvestite allowing a personal interest to empty...
  20. Tornado-Cat

    Is Russell out ?

    Jimmy : "Where are you Russell ? " Larry: "Russell is an excellent facilitator and pretty good sailor"