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    Mainsail batten configuration

    Anyone any thoughts on the best batten configuration for a racing mainsail on a 33 foot racing sailboat with double spreaders and no runners/checkstays. Right now I have 2 full (uppers) and three partials. Second full batten is directly in line with the lower spreaders and creates an S curve...
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    Insurance Disputes Sailboat Repairs

    Anyone have any experience in dealing with insurance adjustors? Repairing a sailboat where the other party has admitted liability and my insurance company is handling the claim on my end. All the yards and the builder recommend painting the entire hull since they can't guarantee matching the...
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    Sharpest hull colour scheme

    What is the sharpest hull color scheme you have seen on a mid size sailboat? Pictures would be helpful.
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    Stick on pads to prevent scratches on deck under fittings

    Has anyone come up with and used a good stick on material that can be used under fittings on deck to prevent scratches on the deck? Harken has some marine grip but that is more for non skid. Something like EVA foam might work if you could get it in...
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    Luff Tape frays

    Has anyone found a good tape that can be used at the top of the luff tape to prevent the luff tape from fraying where it enters the feeder. We hot knife the luff tape but eventually the luff tape frays and needs to be melted again. Is there a good tape that can be used here that will hold...
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    Rope Clutches for 5/16" - 3/8" high tech line

    Tired of replacing the spinlock rope clutches and cams. What is the best rope clutch to avoid these problems, I have heard Lewmar is better and also about the newer constrictor clutches work well but like the idea of double and triple clutches.
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    Tuff Luff Issues

    Installed new Tuff Luff this season, Works well on most headsails but seem to be having issues with the newest headsails. All Luff Tapes are #6 (5mm). Originally problem was at the top luff tape coming out of the foil and jamming as you took the headsail down. Now problem sees to be with the...
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    MD 2020 raw water Pump Leak

    Has anyone had a leak in the vicinity of the raw water pump on a Volvo Penta MD 2020?  Seems like it is leaking around where the raw water intake hose connects to the impeller housing but it is not the hose or connection.  Just wondering is there is anywhere else that it could be leaking before...
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    Blade versus a 110 on a masthead racer cruiser

    Any thoughts on what sail is better a blade with battens versus a small well built 110% headsail in terms of performance on the race course in 16 knots or stronger.
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    Jumbo jib or blade

    A number of boats that used to have overlapping headsails have switched to smaller jibs, some with battens, with more draft to enhance performance in lighter air and have done away with overlapping headsails in some cases got a lower rating and seem to be sailing faster upwind.  Can anyone share...
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    Best available opening pre feeder

    Any recommendations on the best available opening pre feeder available on the market today for a 33' racer cruiser using a Tuff Luff system.?
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    Installing a new Tuff luff on a new Headstay

    Getting ready to install a new Tuff Luff on a new headstay.  Just wondering if anyone has done it with the mast down.  Understand it may be easier with the mast up but having the old headstay beside the new one would be convenient in measuring and also fitting things without sending someone up...
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    Best coating for a carbon spinnaker pole

    For the past several years I gave used Awlgrip clear for carbon spinnaker pole.  While it looks great when it is newly painted it chip pretty easily.  Not particularly concerned about UV since the pole is covered when not in use.  Looking for a good clear finish that will stand up.  Considering...
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    Sail draft depth position indicators

    Has anyone placed draft depth position indicators on their racing mainsails and headsails to help indication approximately where the maximum draft is located on their sails?  For example 40, 45 and 50% on a main and say 25, 30 and 35% on their headsails.  If so would be interested in the...
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    Asymmetrical Tack Line lead and cleat layout

    Recently installed and 18" sprit and added a racing asymmetrical on my 33' sailboat.  Looking for advice on where to lead and secure/cleat the tack line.  Would appreciate advice from racers of similar sized boat.  
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    Adjusting headstay tension on a Harken Roller Furler Mark 3

    Has anyone found an easy and quick way to adjust headstay tension on a Harken Mk 3 Roller Furler.  No actual turnbuckle inside.
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    Performance Difference Harken Roller Furler versus Tuff Luff Foil

    Can anyone comment on the observed actual performance difference between racing headsails on a Harken Roller Furler aluminum foil and the performance of the same boat and headsail using a Tuff Luff racing head foil? (30-35' boat) Thinking about switching as we mostly race.
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    J 9 PHRF rating

    Does anyone know what the PHRF rating is or proposed to be for the new J 9?  If so what is it and in what area?
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    Quantum Fusion M Kevlar 155 Genoas

    Looking at purchasing a used Quantum Fusion M Kevlar 155 genoa.  The sail is older but is in excellent condition and was only used sparingly for 2 years and was built around 2008.  Loft report is excellent. The sail is Twaron DPI 11000 with carbon fibre strings for reinforcement.  Looking to use...