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    OSTAR 2022

    Well, the 60th anniversary of this famous race has been again postponed due to Covid uncertainty that led to some competitors to withdraw. The start date for the 2022 edition will be May 15th, about 3 weeks earlier than the usual early June start. Only 14 entrants are currently signed up so far...
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    Trogear Bowsprit ????

    I would like hear from anyone how has installed one of these on their multihull. Quality, engineering, any breakages, worth the money?
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    Sint Maarten Multihull Regatta - Erik Prince - Blackwater?

    Does anyone know if the owner of the Nigel Irens trimaran Shockwave (ex Paradox), one Erik Prince, is "the" Erik Price, CEO of Blackwater Inc? Currently entered in the 2020 Sint Maarten Multihull regatta.
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    Wireless Masthead Wind Instrument For Rotating Mast

    Looking for a wireless masthead wind instrument that will work on my 48' rotating mast. Has anyone out there have any real world experience with SailTimer? The concept sounds great but I've been unable to find any glowing reviews. The have recently starting shipping the latest version - any...