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    Static sheave box

    I'm looking to install a fraction kite halyard in a rotating mast on a 30' racing trimaran. (1000kg boat weight, I=10m,J=6m, 8mm halyard, 700kg rated clutch) Colligo have recently release a friction ring style halyard exit box, anyone got any experience of these, good bad or indifferent? ...
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    Block load paths

    Say you've got a single block with a becket thats rated (SWL) to 1100kg. (Lewmar PBB60 for example) Would you expect to be able to put that 1100kg load solely through the becket?
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    NZ Shorthanded Series

    The SSANZ triple series kicks off tomorrow, with a 60 mile dash around the hauraki gulf. 147 boats are entered, from trailer sailers to 52's, and a keen multihull fleet  - entry list here There is a live tracker for...
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    Instrument Package for racing trimaran

    I'm starting from a blank sheet of paper for the instruments on a trimaran. 30ft long, about 950kg and 12m canting and rotating mast, steered from the ama, generally raced with 3 people. Used mainly for harbour racing, and a few longer distance races (max 36 hours). I must have a depth sounder...
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    8 in a row

    Wouldn't be the first time....
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    Racing catamaran instruments

    Is there a cunning solution to get speed through the water on a cat, or do I just have to bite the bullet and install two separate systems? Too much current here to just use gps speed
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    That'll just buff out....

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    Rum rum rum rum

    To the tune of Rum rum rum rum Rum rum rum rum Rum rum rum rum
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    Ah fuck it,
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    Always read the label

    ...and I didn't Schoolboy error, I mixed the 4:1 epoxy by weight not volume. Seems to have cured ok in the expected time, not soft at all. Laminate is 200g carbon over foam. Do I need to throw it and start again, or as it has gone hard as expected will I probably be ok? Sg resin 1.11-1.15...
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    Alinghi threaten to forefit

    They realise they have broken the rules, and so they retire. Sounds good to me!
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    What will they decide

    ...once they both sit around the table with the mediator? Irrespective of who the mediator is, their job will be to get the details sorted out without troubling the court again, and as it was specifically instructed by the judge, I imagine the court will take a dim view of either party throwing...