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    Malarkey Bites A Big One!

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    Malarkey Bites A Big One!

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    Malarkey Sucks!

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    Malarkey Sucks!

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    Malarkey Sucks!

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    Malarkey Sucks!

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    Sarah Gets Cards

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    Sarah Palins Highly Successful Road Show

    "Now Way, No How... No Palin!" TPM: Why Palin's Interview With ABC Is Already A Farce Arianna Huffington Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush September 8, 2008 | 03:28 PM (EST) Did Sarah Palin wrongfully push to have her ex-brother-in law fired? Was she...
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    Country Last By David Michael Green 08/09/08 "ICH " -- Hey, did you know that John McCain was a POW? Did you also know that he was a POW, and that he was a POW? Now that I've recapped seventy percent of the Republican Convention last week, let me fill in the remaining 30 percent: hypocrisy...
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    Can You Say, "The Cold War Is Back On"?

    US to establish naval base in Georgia Sun, 07 Sep 2008 11:26:05 GMT The US is negotiating with Georgia and Turkey to establish a naval base at one of the two key Georgian ports of Batumi or Poti, reports say. Turkey, in an attempt to avoid political tension with Russia, has not officially...
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    Hey! What About Us?

    US auto industry pushes for $50b loan September 8, 2008 - 6:18AM Auto industry allies hope to secure up to $US50 billion ($A61.69 billion) in US government loans this month that would pay to modernise plants and help struggling US carmakers build more fuel-efficient vehicles. With Congress...
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    Remember, The Surge Is Working. Honest!

    FACTBOX-Security developments in Iraq, Sept 8 08 Sep 2008 12:58:03 GMT Source: Reuters Sept 8 (Reuters) - Following are security developments in Iraq at 1245 GMT on Monday. * denotes new or updated item * BAGHDAD - The Iraqi army killed one gunman and arrested 32 others in the last 24 hours...
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    Just Doing What We Do Best.

    At Least 23 Killed as US Drones Attack School in North Waziristan Posted September 8, 2008 Last Updated 9/8 3:05 PM EST This morning two US Predator Drones attacked a small village two miles north of Miramshah in Pakistan’s North Waziristan Agency, killing at least 23 and wounding 20 others...
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    "Hockeymom" Looks Out For Women!

    Wasilla Police Billed Sexual Assault Victims for Their Own Rape Kits 08Sep08 Of all of the things I’ve learned about Sarah Palin in the last week and a half, this has got to be the most disturbing. While Sarah Palin was serving as the Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, the city charged victims of...
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    Deja Vu!

    Anybody remember the HUD scandals of the 60s and 70s, when Lyndon Johnson was going to make everyone homeowners. And people with no jobs and no credit, were allowed to purchase homes, and many never made the first payment. And the government guaranteed the loans. And crooked appraisers inflated...
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    Hello China

    Rinnnnnng, rinnnnng. Herro? "Hello China! Hank Paulson here.....................Paulson...........from America". "What's so funny? "I hear laughing". "Say look, we need a couple hundred more not million, billion, with a B". "I know we're past due, and haven't...
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    And Then We Have McSames Foreign Policy Advisor

    Randy Scheunemann From SourceWatch Jump to: navigation, search Scheunemann (at right) with Stephen Payne (left) and Ahmed Chalabi (center).Randy Scheunemann was the President of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which was created by the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), of...
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    Is Sarah Palin POTUS Material?

    Statistically, at 72, with five past bouts of cancer, John McCain has an 80% chance of not living out his first term! So it's fair to ask the question: Is Sarah Palin, famous "hockeymom", who rocketed from the PTA, to mayor of a small burg, to governor of a state with less than a million...
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    Some Questions For McSame

    Sen McSame, you say you're going to clean up the corruption, and change is coming. How are you going to do that, when you were reprimanded by the Senate Ethics Committee, for using very poor judgement, in going to bat for Charles Keating, of the infamous Lincoln Savings and Loan debacle? "We're...
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    The Education Of Sarah Palin

    September 5, 2008 How the Republicans Solved Sarah Palin's Jewish Problem A Lesson Before Lying By IRA GLUNTS Politically powerful American Jews tend to be uncomfortable with evangelical Christians, unless they are the kind that unconditionally support Israeli foreign policy and are members...