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    I have seen comments in other threads implying Biden is not the right person for the Democrats to run against Trump in 2020. The problem I see is that the reasons for not wanting him all miss the point of where the EC votes the dems need back exist. The Dems can not win by gaining an even...
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    Rabid Fox

    Last Sunday we had a fox hanging around the house, and acting unafraid of humans. This is atypical, but not unheard of. There are people who feed the critters thinking they are "cute". Next day I am heading out to Philly at 4:00 am and I see it again circling my Jeep as I head out. So now I am...
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    Sophie's Grace: heroin sucks, being a kid shouldn't !

    It has been 3 weeks now since our daughter passed. I think anyone who faces something like this either finds a way to move ahead, finding purpose in the chaos, or retreats pulling back from a world that seems far more hostile than it should. We have chosen the former. The work has just begun...
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    AI/ML and the future of non-work

    I believe that we are facing a fundamental change in the nature of work & life. Most of the discussions we see surrounding tax and economic policy are using historical examples as the basis for the various policy positions. The problem, as I see it, is that we are facing a future which is...
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    And the most segregated states are??

    Probably not what you think. "And the Northeast holds the special distinction of having more black children in intensely segregated schools (where school populations are 90 to 100 percent minority) in 2011 than it did in 1968. In New York state, for instance, 65 percent of black students attend...
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    Common sense gun legislation

    I thought this was interesting. I like the idea. This allows victims of abuse to immediately carry while they await the issuance of a permit. Anyone opposed? If so, why?
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    Robert Reich now has a place on the enemies list Also interesting: This is the same thing I have been seeing, interesting to see it is not just within my smaller circle. More and more, I think it will be either Trump or Sanders who wins in November.
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    Secession movement I could get behind Maybe we could trade them Philly for the fifteen towns.
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    knife control coming to NY crazy indeed!
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    If not Hillary for the Dems, then who?

    I still think it likely that Hillary ends up the nominee, but there is always some chance she is not. She could go the way of Brian WIlliams, her health could begin failing, Bill's health could begin failing, or the netrooters could turn on her and do her in. So that got me thinking, if not...
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    another one bites the dust?

    Looks like our Treasurer here has gotten himself in some hot water. No indictment yet, but seems like it is close. Still crossing my fingers that they finally indict our AG. If these politicians keep getting arrested, I might have to...
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    The first rule of fight club....

    is that there are no clothes, or at least almost no clothes, in fight club.
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    Have a permit for that banana?

    GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - A man is facing a felony charge of menacing for allegedly pointing a banana at two sheriff's deputies in western Colorado. The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel reports 27-year-old Nathan Rolf Channing, of Fruitvale, was arrested Sunday after the deputies thought he was...
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    Bill Clinton Nails It (no not that way) I disagree with his characterization of the NRA position, but I believe he nails it with his broader point about what ails us. It feels like 90% or more of the country is in agreement that half the country is the enemy and...
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    day 12 of the cop killer search

    Video not mine: Hunting season starts soon, it will be interesting to see what happens if he is not out by then. They finally started to send kids back to school now. There is an ever so...
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    Obama and dems are starting to lose the hispanic vote

    This is what I was saying would start to happen when Obama cast aside immigration reform as a priority and instead focused all his energy on trying to ram through a renewed AWB. You had all the ingredients to brew up some resentment among that demographic, and you are starting to see the result...
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    CIA admits to spying on Senate

    Another example of how power granted will eventually be abused, so be careful what you give the govt, since it will be used against you. The potential for abuse of the data that has been compiled by the NSA dwarfs the potential for abuse that has existed in the past, and when the CIA is bold...
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    South Florida Fishing Anarchy

    I am going to be down in South Florida, Lighthouse Point area, for a couple weeks and am hoping to get in some fishing while I am there. I have not fished the area there before, so was hoping maybe there was some local knowledge here I could lean on. I will be boatless there, so limited to surf...
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    Senators don't like to be spied on

    Welcome to the club, now do something about it.
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    I wonder if he got the job