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    What is 72s are still the boat after tomorrow?

    After the amazement and wonder this cup as brought, why wouly/should there be a switch? Sure, the boats can be refined to make them easier to sail, but any change would be a huge downgrade. Another question... If nothing major changed with the rule, how many teams show up for the next cycle...
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    Carbon Masts

    So we dropped the rig in my Melges 30 a few weeks ago. Not fun. I've been looking into options and have gotten a bid from Southern to replace the mast that was there. The mast price itself was not bad, but the shipping from South Africa was through the roof. So... Does anyone have any...
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    Eddie Aikau Anarchy

    Live video here...
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    SD Union Trib - 11.23

    Take a look... or don't... :lol: They came for six weeks and stayed 16 months. But it is time for the BMW Oracle team to leave San Diego in its quest for the America's Cup. After one more week on the water off Point Loma, the San Francisco-based challengers will close their San Diego Bay...
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    WTF is this?

    So I go down to check on the rental house and this is chained up outside of it. Any of you San Diego anarchists have any idea whose boat this is? Or what it is? Looks like an unfinished 18, but is in super rugged shape. Here is a link to the other shots I took of it. Lemme know.
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    DOGzilla on NBC SD last night

    NBC SD had a great piece on the tri on the late news last night. Amazing aerial footage of the DOG in action (the first I've seen... ever Pix cannot do this thing justice). They interviewed TE for the piece. Anyone else see it?
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    SoCal Hobie 20s

    Trying to find a SoCal/West Coast Hobie 20 for a friend. Something about a charter/purchase for a race. I'm not a cat guy, so I'm no help.... but I know folks on this site are! Anyone know of one around, racing shape or otherwise? Help is greatly appreciated.
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    Ensenada Trailer Run

    Couple of us are going to run the truck/trailer to the Coral on Wednesday (most likely) before Ensenada. If anyone wants to join the convoy and share a ride back up, drop me a pm. ...Just make sure all your trailer lights work properly and you have a ready stach of $20s in case you get...
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    Chi-Mac For the SoCal Newb

    So I got this crazy idea to do the Chi-Mac race this summer. This moment of insanity came about 2 months ago and now it is looking like we really might do this thing. So... I need some help. We are hoping to trailer our boat to Chicago, do the race, hopefully haulout somewhere close and drag...
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    Mules - Trailer Movers

    I've been researching different mules for our club and find a huge variance in quality and prices on these things. I've looked into a ton of options, from gas to electric already and seem to have exhausted google in the process. Gotten a ton of specs and prices so far, but need real knowledge...
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    KWRW Prelim Class Splits are out...

    KWRW Prelim Class Splits
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    Boat Delivery

    I need to get a boat delivered in the next few weeks from the right to the left coast. It is on its own trailer. Anyone used a good company? I've gotten a few quotes and am just looking for options. Thanks.
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    Money Questions

    Does anyone know about how much the duty will be for this boat as it is imported into the US? I've heard/seen things that range from 1.5% to upwards of 6% of the purchase price. If the boat is FOB Long Beach (the likely port for this kind of thing I'd guess), is the duty included in those...
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    Falcon 2000 1996 78ft Maxi/ ILC-IMF Carbon Fiber Composite Americas Cup Racing Sloop “Falcon 2000” I know itr is no AmCup boat, but what's the dillio here folks... I've seen pix of this boat before and she was a beauty...
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    Ensenada Snoozer?

    So a buddy and I just happened to be doing a delivery today during the good ol' Newport to Ensenada... 4-9 knots on the nose with brief showers and cold cold cold air. We had our friend Mr. Ottoo Pilot driving us at a comfortable 7 knots vmg at around a 140 heading and we are pretty sure we...