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    Now receiving Spam - Since move to new Ownership

    There is no longer a downvote button for posts.
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    Old Laser M-rig

    Blatantly against the rules in the SIs and absolutely the right thing to do.
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    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    We should put this thread out of our misery.
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    ILCA Rig swapping?

    Canadian Laser masters regattas use these same guidelines.
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    ILCA Rig swapping?

    This has been going on for at least as long as I have been sailing Laser masters regatta, and I'm about to turn Grand Master. At that reminds me, you have age handicapping in addition to rig swapping. I suppose these rules are an affront to the purity of the sport for some, but the point of...
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    ILCA Rig swapping?

    Rig-swapping is a common part of Laser masters sailing in North America. It is almost expected.
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    sailing at the 2032 olympics

    Will sailing even still be present as an Olympic sport? I just don't see a way for the IOC to monetize it.
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    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    But in which class?
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    Is it possible to restore the original color on a 1970's sunfish?

    You've got certain amount of gelcoat which you can work through.  This describes a method you can apply maybe once or twice in the lifetime of a boat.
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    Tragic Passing of ILCA 6 sailor

    This is one of those things like seat belts in cars.  My whole family was in a car crash when I was a kid.  NOBODY wore seat belts then.  We were in a big dually truck but all still got knocked around pretty good.  One person was injured, I think some internal bleeding.  Still, that was enough...
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    Supreme Court will overturn Roe v Wade

    Contraception?  Really?
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    Putin and Ukraine

    When it comes to Russia no longer being a world power, it looks like they are on a long journey between the denial and acceptance stages of grief.
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    Laser Project Hull

    I would suggest trying to sell the boom and top section separate from the hull.  You might actually get a little more money for them.  Trash the hull.
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    New LP rumor It shows pictures of some Cascais model boats, but no Sunfish.  There's a FAQ section under "Contact Us".  For "Are you associated with LaserPerformance?", it says this: "We have a non-exclusive agreement to distribute LaserPerformance products in North America and...
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    505 Love - From the home page

    Who in their right mind would compare the 505 to the Laser?
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    New LP rumor

    Just another shell corporation leading back to the same place.  Changes nothing.
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    Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???

    Or Sea Snark sailors.
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    Laser/ILCA Builders

    Does PSA have expanded distribution set up?  When they first stared importing into the US, it seems most people were having to get in on a group buy for an entire container.  However, that was more than a year ago.
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    Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???

    I hope he got his cash upfront and isn't expecting any royalties.
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    ILC Rumor Mill....

    See "The Laser Class".