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    Square head sail shape issues

    If you have a rigid vang, try supporting more boom weight with the vang to get the top of the sail to twist off a bit. On the other hand, temporarily tightening the vang and then giving the boom a good heave to windward after a tack or gybe can help pop the battens (along with luff tension as...
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    Proud of my first wheel wrap.

    Regarding the lumpy feel of the French wrap, what if you wrapped it so that the hitch overlap was always on the inside of the wheel, leaving the outside of the wheel relatively smooth? I have elk hide on my new (to me) boat's wheel. The stitching is rotten, so I am re-stitching it one space...
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    Adding labels to Dyneema?

    John Franta at Colligo Marine uses some sort of heat shrink tubing on his spliced rigging that might be adapted for your purpose. You might want to contact him. He does excellent work, and his terminal fittings are top notch.
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    Highest speed logged under sail

    I noticed no one has yet submitted less than 10 kts. Lots of 4kt Sbox owners here. But I suppose almost everyone here has been on a screaming reach in a Laser or similar.
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    RRS Appendix G

    Let him protest. In the unlikely event that the protest is successful and your result is thrown out, you will know how you finished, everyone in the race will know how you finished, and they will know why (and by whom) you didn't get the pickle dish.
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    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    When I was a kid, my Dad pointed out that they were supposed to be uncapsizable. I think he meant they couldn't stay inverted. That shape would have very little form stability when upside down.
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    Center cockpit vs aft cockpit

    Now that is quotable! Well said. Is that attributable to you, TwoLegged, or did you borrow it?
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    Rig modification: longer+higher boom and more sail area?

    I second Zonker's suggestion to raise the aft end of the boom. Leave the gooseneck where it is. This would be particularly effective if the current main allows the boom to droop some. You will lose some sail area, but that wedge of sail you would lose is the least effective part of the sail. If...
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    Docking. When it all goes wrong.

    I couldn't even figure out what he was trying to do; arrive or leave? I will take the word of a few upthread that he was arriving, at least initially. At one point he finds the bow thruster, but only uses it for a second or two.  I think he could have solved a lot of problems by just using that...
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    Don't climb solo

    FIFY. She later came back to do it all in one day, also a first, regardless of sex.
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    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Dren, As one consulting engineer to another, I will take it on face value that you know how to handle hydrogen gas safely - ON LAND. A sailboat in the ocean is a completely different environment - massive accelerations and decelerations due to the sea state, rolling, pitching, etc. Things...
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    New Corsair 880

    Thanks psnw. Congratulations!
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    best mag for sailing binos

    Where did you move your lawn? From one house to another, or just from the front yard to the back yard? Sorry.
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    New Corsair 880

    I have heard that a couple of these have made it to the United States. Has anyone here sailed one yet? Also, I haven't seen any photos of the interior, does anyone have some they could share?
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    Guests realistic expectations

    So now you have what, a Tartan 36?
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    In Production: Spirit 111

    The design brief was for it to be sailed without professional crew. Part of the reason that keel looks stubby is that it has a long chord length. It may not be a particularly efficient keel shape, but it will be hard to stall, which should be good for non-professional (read less experienced)...
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    That’s... uhh... one way to install a traveler

    What horrible traveler-related accident did this owner experience that led him to vow, "never again!".
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    Around the Vinyard Race. Ok to use your engine?

    Cruising classes in certain races allow use of the engine.  I think there is some sort of formula for the amount of use.
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    Rudders and roundup

    It would be nice if the prospective buyer doesn't experience a round up during the test sail, so fixing the problem is still important.
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    Rudders and roundup

    As a sketch approximating the shape of the real graph provided by Climenuts, I would say it was true on this planet. Closer to a flat plate though, which has the apex of the lift curve around 10 degrees AOA, not 4 degrees. Also, the drag curve inflection should be in the vicinity of the lift...