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    Mac 26 on a rampage

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    How much VOR sailors get paid

    Does anyone have an idea how much they make? Obviously their position on the boat matters...
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    J105 Planing

    At what windspeed and TWA can a J105 start planing. Forget the sea state.... I don't have the polars so if you do please pass them on
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    Detroit Cup Live Coverage now

    To anyone who wants to watch some good match racing the detroit cup is going on.
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    Get the VOR on the Discovery channel

    When I see a show like storm chasers that can get a decent audience, it makes me think the volvo ocean race should totally be on there. Is this even possible...?
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    Top speed of an Ultimate 20

    Who has any guesses.... they definitely plane well, and with their big kite I feel like its just a matter of numbers until the rig drops
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    How much is puma's il mostro?

    how much is it? Who want's to call.... from the front page
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    Mirabaud.... wtf?

    Alright so this looks pretty awesome. I really like the idea.. but I think there's a reason that they don't show any tacks in the videos on their blog... Just my two cents..
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    Where in the world is carmen sandiego?

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?????
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    Where's KZ-1???

    Where? What happened to her...
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    Best frostbiting gloves

    what are the best to you guys. I start high school sailing in a week or two and every year my hands have been cold. here's what haven't worked: 3mm neoprene gloves by gill- cold basically all the time until water temp is over 60 and you don't need them anyways helmsman gloves- were warm for...
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    Actually sailing.....

    What the fuck has happened to this goddam subforum. No one actually adheres to the actually SAILING ANARCHY title. This is for sailing only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best type of sailing sunglasses?

    what would you guys recommend. There's a million kinds and I got to choose because I lost my oakleys 29er sailing. Best lens color? for seeing puffs Best brand?
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    Any Naval Architects out there? I need some Help

    Hey everyone, so I'm hoping theres a few Naval Architects out there who could offer any tips whatsoever on how to become a Naval Architect in the sailing industy. I am a senior in high school in Michigan with a dream to join the industry, but there really isn't much info out on the web on how to...