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    ELIYA Anarchy

    First race of the season this Sunday!
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    82nd Annual New Year's Regatta @MBYC

    I don't think it's going to be 60 degress out this time.
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    Does anyone have a picture of this thing? I know the URI foundation sold it a few years ago.
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    J/24 Continuous Traveler Line

    Whats the advantage of using a continuous line with the windward sheeting car? I have seen this set up on multiple boats with the line run through small 29mm blocks tied off of the toe rail. Thanks
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    Whitebread XVIII

    Hope there's wind like last year.
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    J/24 Mainsheet Purchase

    I currently have a 4:1. I was wondering if anyone has tried dropping it down to 3:1. When is the extra part needed +12knots? If anyone has tried I'd like to know your experience with it. Thanks!
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    J/24 Hiking Position
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    J/24 illegal weights

    FYI Just saw this on the class website. http://www.j24class....tive-committee/ Paul USA 538