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    Are we finally done with the Russians?

    If and when Russia invades, what will the impact of true comprehensive sanctions be? Is it possible those pigs will have to take their TP-52 money back to Moscow?
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    This new format is dogshit and doesn’t work on the ipad. Fuck you SA

    Like the title said, this sucks and I hate it.
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    Is Jack Sparrow (more) mentally ill?

    I had taken a bit of a break from baiting @jack_sparrow, but after some of his recent posts I’m a bit alarmed. Last spring he seemed like a harmless twit, but more recently he seems to have come quite unhinged. By my estimate he’s in his early 70’s and likely has gone without actual...
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    Do your crew just quit trying?

    So what to do with unmotivated crew?   It seems like every time the wind is light and it’s hot, about 2/3rds just stop trying, or at least lose all interest in being proactive.   Whether its trimmers who have to be constantly reminded to trim sails, bow people who don’t want to set up for sail...
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    Casual racism, Good look for a yacht forum?

    Is it too much covid or just free time that lets folks true feelings out? Do the advertisers dig it too?  
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    This thread has jumped the shark

    It’s pretty much just The Sparrow- LB circle jerk with those  two twits arguing against anything I say, and masterbating furiously to anything they can link to Donald Trump...
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    2 year, global lockdown will prevent 2.5 million deaths

    Anyone who is arguing against this approach is sacrificing lives, literally trying to kill people at rates approaching the holocaust.  Yes, these are the worldwide automobile deaths, and they are 100% preventable if you just #STAYTHEFUCKINSIDE. Or are you just a murderer...
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    Most egregious cheats?

    Inspired by my own trolling comments on the Keel mod thread, what are some of the most over the top (or maybe under the radar) examples of sailboat racing cheating over the years?
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    36% tested positive with no symptoms

    More and more it’s looking like this has no effect on many many people AND is spreading faster than believed. We only are seeing the high hospital admissions and death rates when it spreads far enough to suddenly encounter a bunch of highly susceptible people (old, fat, HIV positive, etc). But...
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    Lot of critics, but when should shutdown be lifted?

    Everyone seems to have their opinions of what governments or people are doing wrong, would be curious what the louder assholes here think should be done. In other words, shut it down until there’s no cases left, another two weeks, whatever your policy proscription is.    
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    The races must go on.

    Does that make me a selfish asshole? No - we can still race and sustain social distancing. Keep crew sizes under eight, cancel the after parties, and carry on.  If you are contracting COVID from another boat, review the RRS bc you’re doing something wrong. Racing is an ideal sport for this...
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    Do Double companionway doors meet offshore requirements?

    Do these double, side-hinging saloon-type companionway doors found on newer production boats meet the offshore racing requirements?  It seems like they should, per SER 2.1.1 “A boat's companionway(s) shall be capable of being blocked off to main deck level (sheerline). The method of blocking...
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    Best laptop / tablet for Expedition?

    Looking for battery life, sunlight readability.  Will need to interface with B&G H5000 system and Garmin GNX mast displays...
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    Ran away or just murdered?

    Definitely the sketchiest boat/beach/babes youtuber out there. Especially liked the plug for his patreons to learn “more details”.  Um no...  
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    Bad skippers, slow boats...

    How do they keep a crew and stay in the game? Is it just a revolving door of newish crew every year, or old friends or plenty of cadh to throw  at new sails?