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    Production Shaw 650 - First Sail!

    What's the budget for one of these production boats at race ready?
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    Valkyrie would be in San Diego I believe
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    TransPacific Tahiti 2008

    Sounds like they don't want Reinrag showing up and taking the prize away again.
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    Bamboo Tiller Extension

    Here's an example for you from the '06 i14 Worlds complements of Sean Trew
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    Dinghy Suggestions?

    Add me to that distribution list. Find me something that fits that same bill in that $range and I'll join you both as I am also in Dago and would like something a bit more fun.
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    Newport - Ensenada Wx

    motor, thx dont want to carry extra sails. taking a few landlubbers along and prefer not to have 'em puking the entire way if rough stuff. Been there done that, no fun.
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    Newport - Ensenada Wx

    Hey Mark, thanks for keeping us posted. BTW, how's Tuesday and Weds looking for a Dago - Newport delivery look? Gotta pick a day off and today sure as hell didn't look fun.
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    Pros Steering

    Thank you clewless. I was wondering if the 6 months of late night calls and work some of us did in the beginning had gone to shit. The intent from the beginning was Owner Driver Rule. If a Pro wanted to drive then buy a boat. Pros were to be allowed as crew/coach but not on National...
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    Anarchy Numero Uno

    Congrats Scot, sorry I missed it. Soon ...
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    SDYC NOOD Man-UP: Bring em dowm..... 7 = OD Start

    Sorry to hear you won't make it. The 14 is in the garage collecting dust due to this full time work and full time school fucking ridiculous schedule I signed up for. 4 months and counting as it really has flown by. Hopefully I'll get a ride. Haven't talked to Snapper but I believe will be...
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    SDYC NOOD Man-UP: Bring em dowm..... 7 = OD Start

    Any room on any boat for me? Coming out of school induced hibernation for this and love to crew if possible Sat and/or Sunday. Any position even rail. Please email/IM [email protected] SD local for those of you I do not know. If you are weighing in ... 225
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    Esse Key West Wrap Up

    Thanks for the debrief guys great job. Any chance you can save me the search and tell me what PHRF number you guys race under? Home vs KWRW
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    Anarchy 2007

    HOW ABOUT THE FUCKIN SA AWARDS and sometime before July arg
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    OPEN 5.70

    How is the mast built up for a trap? Any attempts from France? Looks like it could take advantage of the spin trimmer trapped out as the wind builds
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    Tiger Nominated for SW Boat of the Year

    not to worry with the tiller, hull seam finish and bomb doors it will not win. but still a hellofalota boat for the $
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    Little Ensanada

    Er ummm, anyone actually see any SI's? Just checked website and do not see any posted as of yet.
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    Little Ensanada

    Where is the MUMM? Clark and David are double-handing it but do not see it on the scratch sheet.
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    Little Ensanada

    and you can stumble on the boat an hour before the skipper shows up so he has to drive home while you're passed out i plead the 5th
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    Anybody interested in buying hull # 14?

    aw come one out in the open, hasn't stopped you in the past
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    Why I haven't donated to the Hans fund

    Loud mouth assholes and name dropping. It never works ... or does it? Any body know what the largest charitble fund in the world currently is? Bill Gates Foundation. It just about doubled with Warren Buffet's contribution. Ever wonder how it got the needed push? Some loud mouth asshole...