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    Comanche Charter

    Just read this in the Sail World report of the Sydney to Southport race. "This is the start of a two-year charter for Winning Jr, with a packed program of racing including the Rolex Sydney Hobart." Hadn't heard this was a charter before. If this is a charter does the Russian still own the Big...
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    Sunfish. All you need to know A fun and interesting article
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    Western Australia Storms

    Hey Albany, How are you going in these storms.  Hope you are safe.
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    ANZAC Day 2020

    A very different day without the gatherings and services. We had candles and the flag out in front of the house. Thank you to those who sacrificed so that we can be free. Lest we Forget.
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    Are you kidding ?

    This was Michigan yesterday.  What is wrong with these people?
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    Canada Pull Out of he the Olympics

    Finally someone who says to the IOC, enough this is stupid. Many more will follow and soon.
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    McConaghy Boats Fun

    The joys of corporate takeovers.
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    2 Handed S2H

    John Curnow on Sail-World says this: "I see Class 40 is going for a RTW race two-handed, and I reckon there will be no shortage whatsoever of entrants. The 2020 Sydney Hobart is slated to have it as a class, as well." Any real basis for this?
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    Things Randumb wants to whinge about

    I am creating a thread just for Randumb where he can rant and rave (or write considered musings) about any issues that are upsetting him (or indeed making him happy) without disrupting other good threads. If you choose to participate on this thread you must accept that it is Randumb's sandpit.
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    THE REAL 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    We need a thread for the real 2018 Multihulls Australian Championship. Was Wangi agreed at the meeting at the last Championships? If so when?  If not where and when? Race for the real trophies with the history.
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    VOR Leg 1 Alicante to Lisbon

    Time to start a separate thread for this leg.  Final course TBD dependant on weather.
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    Mini Transat 2017

    As requested, thread for this great race.
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    VOR 2019-2020

    Can we please have discussion about the next race in this thread and leave the 2017-2018 thread for that race.
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    Bolt v Gatlin

    Happening in half an hour. Go Usain go.
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    The Return of Lord Dubin

    Over in SailWorld there is a book review by Dubes of the Chas book. If I knew how to link to it I would Can he be goaded back for a little fun ?
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    Austrqalian Multihull Yachting Championship 2016

    Who knows anything about this? Who got YA to organise this? Hope everyone turns up.
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    2015 Sydney to Hobart

    Amusing as it is to write about the 2015 Hobart in the 2016 thread why don't we just have a new one for this years race. First question, what is the forecast? Go to it.
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    VOR Leg 9 Lorient to Gothenburg via The Hague

    Plenty to sail for in the minor placings. Two sprints to go.
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    Is it tactics, boat handling or sail trim slowing the boys?

    Just to stir the pot. If this had been a long ocean leg and the girls had won by the same percentage as they will win this leg how far in front would they have been !!!! Go SCA (and Vestas).
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    VOR Leg 8 Lisbon to Lorient

    So all 7 boats are back together. This leg seems to me to have a few opportunities for the navigators to play a serious role and for tactical decisions to have a greater bearing on the outcome. I hope Vestas has a good leg and gets on the podium.