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    Wax for racing

    I've been using some collinite paste wax (topsides only) which looks and holds up great, but was thinking of switching to something like Harken HullKote to reduce drag. Was thinking of washing off the paste wax, and applying the hullkote to the entire bottom (including topsides). Will it...
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    Trailer U Shaped Bunk

    As someone who has little if any experience with fiberglass, how do I go about building a replacement wooden bunk for my trailer(see photo below).  it's just a piece of plywood cut into a U shaped, and something kind of flexible ish material fiberglassed onto it , with some padding glued to the...
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    Outhaul Sheave Re-Do

    I just redid my outhaul, wondering what to do about the sheave box. I have this stock endcap with a sheave built in, but the sheave is old and worn. Doesn't seem like replacing that sheave in the endcap would be easy ( I tried to hammer out the pin, it's fused solid). I doubt it's been touched...
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    Backstay Adjuster Line

    What kind of line is best for a backstay adjuster on a 24ft sport boat. I'm assuming the lowest stretch possible is best, or does it really matter?
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    New Sheave Box - Going from wire to rope

    As I have my rig down I figured it would be a good time to get rid of my wire halyards. Of course it means I need a new sheave box for the Jib halyard. I found the equivalent sheave box sized appropriately for rope halyard - it has the same length but is slightly wider. I am pondering how to...
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    Moving Traveler Aft

    Hi all,  I've been considering moving the traveler aft all summer and finally got around to tackling this. Reason for the switch is while driving, I'm not able to reach the mainsheet or traveler and in it's old location it would create constant jib sheet / spinnaker sheet clusterfucks -...
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    Repairing holes from obsolete hardware

    Hi all,  I bought a new boat (wilderness 21) and removed some unnecessary winches from the cockpit. Basically I drilled the holes out slightly, duck taped the underside, and filled with thickened west system epoxy.  I planning to slap some stuff from a west marine gelcoat repair kit on there...