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    Threaded inserts for motor mounts

    Fun sweating in the bilge!  Hope I can tap into some good SA experience. I need some threaded inserts to insert in the stringers to bolt my motor mounts into.  It is a 21 horsepower Westerbeke in a Sabre 32. There are several types out there.  Any favorites?  Any installation tips? What...
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    Three Year Plan

    If the stars align and i hold my mouth just right, I am off the gerbil wheel in 3 years.  North Carolina is my home and I have been fortunate to make some good friends and enjoy some good sailing.  My plan is to maintain my residence here.  But I have lifelong friends up in Michigan that I...
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    Dinghy Racing Is Fucking Awesome!

    What an amazing sport!  I was in a regatta this weekend and when I think about it, it kind of blows me away how lucky I am to participate.  I'm out there in my $1,000 Sunfish in a contest that cost me $20 to enter including the meal!  To top it off there is a guy driving around in a powerboat...
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    SeaRail 19 Folds

    I have been following the development of this boat for a while.  Just saw that it now folds! This thing looks like a sweet ride. Iirc, they have redesigned the floats after some initial teething problems. Looks pretty well sorted now.  I like the self tacking...