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  1. Rennmaus

    Poll set-up - what do I do wrong?

    When I wanted to set up a poll and clicked "Submit Topic" the system jumped to the "Content" tab, asking for a title (see screenshot). But I don't want to set up a new content thread, I want a poll. Do I need to fill in the "Content" stuff as well, is the poll feature just nor working, or what...
  2. Rennmaus

    Archive/send PMs by e-mail

    In the days of yore it was possible to archive PMs by sending the PM conversations as e-mail attachment to oneself. Could it be that this feature has been deleted, or am I just not seeing the button? How can I archive PMs now? I'm grateful for any help or hint.
  3. Rennmaus

    Memory Lane

    Ahead lies a long walk down Memory Lane. Guess, where I am. And guess, whom I am missing. I admit, it's not really AC (anymore), but WTH. Just enjoy the photos during this week...
  4. Rennmaus

    VOR Lorient Stopover

    Well, someone has to start this thread... ETA tonight 4:00 local time (2am UTC). If I'm lucky, I will be able to get some pix from on the water. In the meantime, talking about strereotypes... tsk, tsk. And, where the f#ck is the Vestas pavillion???
  5. Rennmaus

    ETNZ/Mapfre: The Spanish entry in the VOR

    Yes, it's the AC forum, but out of tradition... The collaboration is official now:
  6. Rennmaus

    No notifications anymore?

    In the old days and IIRC even after the recent forum transition it was possible to subscribe to certain threads and get an e-mail notification with the new posts. Same when someone sent a PM. Since the weekend there's silence in the inbox, no SA mails anymore, but lots of posts in the threads...
  7. Rennmaus

    Good News: Girls and women start sailing in conservative Oman

    Maybe it will become a PA topic soon, but for the time being it is about sailing: Girls and women start sailing in conservative Oman 'Omani girl sailors and the women embarked on training courses' . Click Here to view large photo In a country where the great majority of women...
  8. Rennmaus

    Extreme Sailing Series 'Act 8'

    Arrived today, missed the racing. Beautiful summer weather, almost no wind. And it looks like there will be not much change for the duration of the regatta . Got a hotel room looking at the venue - perfect. Extremely relaxed mood in the regatta village, lots of activities for the kids...
  9. Rennmaus

    What is red and floats...

    More in the next post...
  10. Rennmaus

    Official AC dates announced

    OFFICIAL DATES OF 34TH AMERICA’S CUP RELEASED San Francisco, Calif., Tuesday, January 25, 2011 Louis Vuitton Cup Starts In July, America’s Cup Match (Finals) In September of 2013 WHAT: The 2013 race dates for the Louis Vuitton Cup and America’s Cup Match (Finals) were confirmed today by...
  11. Rennmaus

    Waving the dinos good-bye

    Disclaimer: Posting with my mobile phone... Just arrived in Cagliari. Shook DB's hand, he was in company of BA and some others I haven't recognized in my hurry. Looks like we'll have a bit of wind for today's practice. Sunny, warm, summer. The public transport system is not too easy to figure...
  12. Rennmaus

    And now for something completely different...

    Does not justify an own thread, but I don't know where to put it... <<WRC stars make a splash in Auckland Harbour With the start of Rally New Zealand just a few days away, the stars of the World Rally Championship kept adrenaline levels up on Monday with a day of action on - and in -...
  13. Rennmaus

    First Protocol Draft for AC34

    AC34 probably in monohulls ACC v6, ACM still in, all in all not better than the "worst text in the history of the America's Cup" :huh: :( :angry: ;) . protAC34draft1.pdf
  14. Rennmaus

    Latest rumor from the court house...

    Anon, half an hour ago: "Neither party is here. Only the court staff." Anon, a bit later: "It's settled" No further info yet.
  15. Rennmaus

    Anarchy Challenge Birthday Contest

    Yes, I know, this is almost not AC related, but since we had Mars missions, cakes (three or four threads), hostages in Iran, and a lot of other stuff as topics, I want to direct your attention to the Anarchy Challenge Birthday Contest, which will end in a couple of days. If you have photos of...
  16. Rennmaus

    "Games without frontiers"

    Didn't know where to post it... so, another thread. You asked for European perspective; the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) is a respected conservative newspaper, and provides here an extremely balanced article. Sorry, I haven't got the time to polish the GoogelTrans :( . Original...
  17. Rennmaus

    Valencia travel preparations

    Due to popular demand here is this thread to post all the intel we can gather about traveling to Valencia. Of course we could ask Google, Wikipedia or 1000s of travel sites, but since SA works well as the encyclopedia of AC33, we could also post our questions and knowledge here. According to...
  18. Rennmaus

    Unexpected America’s Cup commitment for Matthew Mason

    From the Sydney-Hobart website: <<(...) Wild Oats XI started the race with 17 crew, instead of the planned 18, when New Zealand America’s Cup sailor Matthew Mason was forced to pull out at the last minute due to an unexpected America’s Cup...
  19. Rennmaus

    GGYC Brief in response to SNG's Appeal on RAK and Rudders/LWL

    Here: Part 1: part1_11_12_09_Brief_of_Plaintiff_Respondent_GGYC.pdf
  20. Rennmaus

    At the court again…

    … Just can't wait to get to the court again. The life I love is reporting to my friends And I can't wait to get to the court again. (…) (based on one of Willie's greatest) O.k., here we are again, waiting for the proceedings to start. Three Anarchists will be on-site, either still traveling...