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    Dynamite Surfing

    That's one of the most appallingly stupid and irresponsible things I have ever seen... and at the same time one of the coolest. Velzyland, my old “front yard.”
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    Free Olson 30 in Pensacola

    Posted on the Cal_Boats group: “Have an Olsen 30, no spars, to give away - This week or it gets crushed and taken to the dump.” Probably to far gone to fix—but, who knows—might be worth taking a look if you’re in the area. Contact info
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    So, Bob...

    Put the double boot top stripe on and gave the cove some depth and didn’t fill it completely with the red. Oh yeah, it isn’t sitting on the angle iron pin cushion anymore. Joe
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    Hey, Bob...

    OK, seems to be working now. Anyway, this is what is going along with the Sailing World story. They asked me to remove the shop and the characters in the back of the bus. :lol:
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    Just for the “hull” of it...

    Standard accuracy disclaimer—just what I think I see on the photo—can’t really tell whats happening with the cabin nonskid aft of the mast. Keel hatch on the photo shows a molded boss, so I assume it will be a raised shoebox type cover, not the flush one on this dwg. The Real Thing:
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    FT Deck

    Quick & dirty drawing, some of the details (nonskid) aren’t right. Got one with the real window too if anyones interested. [
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    More Photos 6/18

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    Melges 32 Video Clip

    Three minute clip: CRO outboard system, cassette rudder, deck layout and other details. M32 WMV
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    Notes from the FT10m chat

    Took some notes during the chat. Bob & Ben, Bill S. & the Ed (aka Pol Pot) were in attendance. Spars/rigging: Good possibility of carbon mast being included at the original price, although Bob said, for the time being, assume that the rig is aluminum until they get a better handle on...
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    Warm Leatherette

    Tom Schnabel, who was the long-time Music Director at KCRW (NPR/Santa Monica College) up here in El Lay used to play it fairly often on his show ‘Morning Becomes Eclectic.’ Warm leatherette                                                           See the breaking glass In the underpass See...
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    Drysailing to wetsailing and back dilemma

    Purchased a J24 that has always been drysailed. It is currently in the previous owner’s YC storage yard. Boats gotta go bye-bye at the end of this month & it’s going to be anywhere from 6 to 12 months before I can get into a storage slot at the boat’s new home. So, we’re thinking about...
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    J24 Sails - Alternatives to the Evil Empire?

    So looking at North’s J24 victory list is pretty impressive, but who else makes good J24 sails? Or, is North the no-brainer choice even if it’s kinda like the Borg on Star Trek, ”resistance is futile - you will be assimilated.” Any experience with E/P? (SA supporter, seen/sailed on non-24’s...
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    Melges shopping - what to look for?

    Looking at a used 24 this afternoon and need some Melgi-specific guidance. Mid 100's hull number - any common, known problem areas, etc? Any help appreciated.