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    Solid as a Rock

    Harry Reid is exasperated with the GOP and has some advice: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday that the “misguided" House Republicans “have to understand that the health care bill is not going to be repealed” and that they “should get a new lease on life and talk about...
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    Drill Baby, Drill

    Even the New York Times can't continue to ignore the revolution taking place in the domestic energy industry. Since 2005 domestic oil production of liquid fuels has increased, and is projected to continue. The US is on it's way towards a goal set by every US President since Nixon - energy...
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    Obama's NLRB drops case

    The Obama NLRB dropped it's complaint against Boeing for the alleged crime of producing aircraft in a non-union state. The machinists at Boeing get a new contract, and the Obama threatening tactic succeeds in delaying a profitable export along with thousands of new badly needed high paying jobs...
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    An Open letter to President Obama

    Leon Cooperman has written an excellent letter to president Obama regarding his class warfare rhetoric. Give it a read, I thought it hits the nail on the head. Too bad the President is heading in the opposite direction. We are going down the road to more social unrest and unhappiness if our...
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    Just like a Tea Party rally

    Meanwhile, in New York: "I've been told, 'Watch your back!' 10 times," Stacey Tzortzatos, owner of Panini & Co. Breads, located across from Zuccotti Park, told The Post yesterday. She and her employees are terrified by the constant threats, which she said began after she demanded the...
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    Obama Takes Out American Citizen

    Cold Blooded Murder (edit - that's better, I thought the original topic was a bit too far)
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    Seems like a discussion worth having. The President is set to unveil another "stimulus" type proposal next week to hopefully get things expanding again, and the national media will be all over the story. But - will they buy the concept that government spending "creates" jobs where there is no...
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    Tell the law, my Uzi weighs a ton I walk like a warrior, from them I won’t run On the streets, they try to beat us like a drum In Cincinnati, another brother hung Them boys chat-chat on how him pop gun I got the black strap to make the cops run They watching me, I’m watching them Them...
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    S&P downgrades US debt

    Thanks to trillion dollar deficts and the uncertainty over budget cuts, S&P lowered their long term outlook today on US debt: Tip of the Hat to trillion dollar debt Time to continue down the road over the cliff, or maybe cut spending back to at least 2008 levels? Surely we can get by on 3...
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    What happened to "Stimulus?"

    President Obama is about to announce his capitulation to the new reality and lay out his vision for a federal government that spends less, not more. Which begs the question - whatever happened to government spending as a way to grow your way out of economic recession? If it worked so well, why...
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    NeoCons Gone Wild

    Is it 2002, with WMD's all the buzz? Nope, its 2011, and a trio of chicks is wreacking havoc. The Nation profiles: Obama's Women Advisers Pushed War Against Libya The ditherer in chief needs a shot of testoserone from three women. Yikes.
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    The Peace President

    I'm wondering how long it will take for the calls from the international "community" on BHO to return his Peace Prize. Maybe it comes with a postage paid retuirn envelope, he can drop it in the mailbox outside 1600 Penn when he gets done with watching the NCAA basketball tourney. So much for...
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    Wisconson Union Threats

    If this letter is real, it's the closest thing I've seen to blackmail since.......well.....actually it is blackmail. The undersigned groups would like your company to publicly oppose Governor Walker's efforts to virtually eliminate collective bargaining for public employees in Wisconsin. While...
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    Gee, a whole day has passed since Obama decided that Bush got it right. And none of the Obama supporters (and Bush haters) have bothered to weigh in? So, another free hall pass for the Nobel Prize winning messiah who campaigned on closing GITMO as a central theme and blamed Bush for damage to...
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    Chicago Style goes to Madison

    The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America arm -- the remnant of the 2008 Obama campaign -- is playing an active role in organizing protests against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's attempt to strip most public employees of collective bargaining rights.   OfA Wisconsin's...
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    It's The Economy, Stupid

    Barack Obama can't figure out why businesses and individuals are reluctant to expend capital and expand. Looks like someone in the White House somehow found the time to pen this: Better late than never? Of course, it's lip service unless you actually do it. You can talk job creation all day...
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    Obama Caves In

    Looks like Obama figured out he'd better start working with the Republicans sooner than later: * Current income tax rates held for 2 more years. * Worker contribution to payroll tax cut. * Death tax to be 35 %. The liberals must be losing it tonight. Article
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    Something in Common

    Quinnipiac? Zogby? Gallup? Rasmussen? Nope. Poll results
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    A Turning Point

    Even the New York Times reported it. Obama's vision of Keynesian currency printing and increased government spending has been rejected by the rest of the G-20. Some excerpts: ........"Each rejected core elements of Mr. Obama's strategy of stimulating growth before focusing on deficit reduction...
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    America's Love Affair With Obama Is Over

    Onetime Obama supporter Mort Zuckerman offered up some spot-on analysis in US News: "The results represent a sharp rebuke to President Obama who interpreted his 2008 "vote for change" as a mandate for changing everything and all at once. Right from the start, he got his priorities badly wrong...