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    Bladerider Moth for Sale

    Sail Number: UAE 3276 (Fastest Bladerider in the 2010 Puma Moth Worlds & Junior Moth World Champion 2010 Boat) includes:  Carbon Mast  Carbon Boom  Carbon Spreader  Carbon Tiller and Tiller extension  Bladerider Hydro-Foils  Adjustable Ride Height  All sheets and lines needed...
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    Selling Melges 24

    Selling Melges 24 Hull no. 238, Includes: - 3 sets of sails (one almost new North set) - new forestay (still rigged with the old system) - new shrouds/rigging - Tacktick Compass Was raced in IRC fleet, although no modifications were made to the one design features. Currently based in the...
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    Moth Worldchampionships 2010

    Discounted Registration till the 15 th of Febuary. Just thought we should start a new topic up on this. Below are some links to video's of the venue: Wind will be light to medium (6-15 knots) maybe 18-20 if a Shamal (Low pressure system) comes through. Any tips on getting up quickly onto...
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    Alinghi 5 ready to be shipped out! Already packing up...

    In RAK, Alinghi 5 is already on the hard, with a barge next to the team base, were loading equipment on it all day today, RIBS are already on board. Looked like boat was ready to be lifted onto barge, but wind conditions did not allow, with 12-18 knots today.
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    Beneteau 40.7 Second Hand Kite

    Looking for a used 40.7 kite, has anyone got one for sale? Just needs to be used for practising on student yacht. Thanks
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    Musto Skiff, competitive weight?

    I am thinking of purchasing a Musto skiff, and racing it competitivly over the next few years (sailed 29er at top level before). My only concern is the weight, I currently weight around 70 kgs, is this too little to really be competitive accross the wind range? Or is the boat more suited to...
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    29er Compass Position

    I know the usual position is fixing it on the mast, just below the sail. And extending the bracket with longer bolts, but still our control lines get frayed and rip! Any other ideas where to position the compass? Don't some 49er have them based above the centreboard with this special bracket?