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    Vineyard Race 2022

    Have done 11 Vineyards so you know fuck nothing - which boat are you on, or more importantly which boat do you own that you spend your own dollars on?
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    Vineyard Race 2022

    Well aren't you a know all fucktard
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    Is there a good site that lists all the main double handed races and regattas in the North East?

    YRALIS events all have double handed divisions. Newport Yacht Club Offshore racing consists of the Offshore 160, New England Solo/Twin, Mitchell Memorial Day and Columbus Day Regattas, and the Bermuda One/Two which race anywhere from to Block Island, outside of Block Island...
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    Why are people in the Fastnet race sailing with a dirty bottom?

    with my 3600 a dirty bottom cost 0.5 knot easy, especially in the light when dragging the ass through the water.
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    How many reef points?

    Three reef points and you are good - we DH all the time and the storm trysail is only there to keep a race safety inspector happy - reality of actually using it versus 3rd reef is nil!!
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    Why is everyone still sailing boats designed in the 1930s

    our fleets Atlantics - 1928 Stars - 1911 Thistle - 1945 Lightnings - 1938 Laser - 1970 Vanguard - 1992 RS Aero - 2019 and everyone is happy with the fleet they chose to be part of.
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    Are gas station diesel and marina diesel the same?

    Diesel tax is federal not State - on road highway diesel which is straw yellow and undyed attracts $0.243 per gallon in Federal highway tax. Off road and marine diesel is dyed red to make it easy to identify if it is found in an on road application. Marinas here in the NE sell dyed diesel but...
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    The Merits of a J9

    yes they do - here is the cert
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    With Layline and APS closed, who do you mail order from

    Mauri Pro - order the length you need
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    Where do you put a liferaft on a J/99?

    I think the rules say it has to get to the rail in 15 secs so a scared man can throw the damn thing out the hatch!! A 6 man Winslow valise weighs 36 lbs Under the tiller behind the traveller is where I had mine on the J100
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    Where do you put a liferaft on a J/99?

    get one in a valise and put it below
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    SunFast 3600

    Yes sold last year
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    I am a Packers fan - (also is the South African rugby team colors) This is Vivid yellow.
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    I used the jib boom once so the Quantum sail that comes with the boat will be almost pristine! The sail is just too small for racing - 84% or thereabouts. It is nice to go dead down wind in a blow with the jib boom but for upwind work just wont wok - least not here in our typically light wind...
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Blackadder - yes I was the first owner who put the boat together. We won every distance race on Long Island Sound with the exception of the Block Island Race with her, sailing DH for 5 years - so to the commenter above who questioned her ability to win races I call bullshit! When I sold her...
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    Why did J Boats drop the J100?

    Blackadder - did you buy Flashpoint from Annapolis?
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    Vendee Globe 2020

    following on the container collapse report from a few days ago - this is the aftermath.
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    Vendee Globe 2020

    The container collapse on the boxship ONE Apus is poised to become one of the largest recent incidents. The owners and managers of the ship are now reporting that the extent of the lost and damaged containers could exceed 1,900 boxes with possibly 40 transporting dangerous goods. Fully loaded...
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    Buying a new boat - what to do and what not to?

    Here there would be no retained money - have to register ownership with the state and / or Coastguard and I can't imagine any dealer will turn over the title without payment in full!!
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    Buying a new boat - what to do and what not to?

    Most important change would be wheels rather than tiller - I thought that the tillers would be more fun and responsive, which they are, but they are also situated at for me a really awkward angle - I had the handles cut down  - if you look at the early boats they have smaller handles on the...