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  1. ronbo

    Ugly dodger collection

    In cold climates when the sun shines black or dark cockpit enclosures can make for a warm cockpit. In warm climates removing the side panels and allowing constant breezes to pass through may be cooler than a light colored Bimini/dodger. Reason being dark colors prevent UV sunlight passing...
  2. ronbo

    Show your boat not sailing

    Gozzard 44B mkII
  3. ronbo

    House batteries

    For the ultimate in longevity go with forklift batteries. Mine are going on 16 years, believe it or not, in a Gozzard 44. 12 lead-acid cells in a box ~ 20”x20” 1200 Ah capacity. Ronbo
  4. ronbo

    My newest project

    Looking prettier by the day!
  5. ronbo

    My newest project

    This may have been addressed before...but is there corrosion concern of the saildrive's disparate metals with the CF hull - a large supply of spare zincs?
  6. ronbo

    Ugly dodger collection

    If my memory serves, this G31 was built for a customer who owned a Gozzard 37. Why the downsizing??  Boats are showed at the pleasure of the owners. The navy top could've been easily lowered on it's adjustable track but that would necessitated removing the side curtain.  Besides there would've...
  7. ronbo

    Ugly dodger collection

    A little dated, but... What's shown in the photo is not a dodger but a navy top. Ted didn't approve when owners raised the navy top to full height. True it provided full headroom but it looked lousy. It becomes a dodger when it slides down to its lowest position with the provided vinyl...
  8. ronbo

    Stolen Designs

    Some years ago in the Chesapeake Bay a small builder of lobster style power boats was sued by Hinckley for copying their Picnic boat duck stern with tumblehome. I don't believe it every went to court. Ronbo
  9. ronbo

    Vineyard / Nantucket

    Ditto,ditto on Cuttyhunk.
  10. ronbo

    Gozzard 41RC

    It's arrived a little late but maybe this is the year the market improves.
  11. ronbo

    Chain stoppers - does anyone have one? Find useful?

    I use a chain stopper rather than a chain tensioner on my 6' bowsprit. In fact, I use a second one (flap replaced with a pin) to secure the shank on my #80 Manson Supreme anchor. Good practice is alway using a snubber...
  12. ronbo

    Diesel fuel question- First stage filtration element

    Mainesail is right. Several years ago I emailed Westerbeke for fuel filter recommendations. I was surprised when they responded that they use 25 micron on their 82B engine! Ronbo
  13. ronbo

    Annapolis Boat Show

    On Sunday while at the show I heard that the entire Bavaria contingent was fired on the spot! Something about the Bavaria boats weren't US compliant...
  14. ronbo

    Books You Read Cruising

    "The Boy, Me, and the Cat" by Henry Plummer. A short book, described by many as the greatest book on cruising ever written. It's set in 1912, about a cruise down the US east coast Intracoastal in a catboat. Ronbo
  15. ronbo

    Anchor rollers with new generation anchors

    My boat came with custom designed rollers for a CQR 60. When I replaced it with a Manson 80 the shank height interfered with launching. Bending the top SS wings allowed the shank to slide in between. It's very stable. Incidentally, I installed a second chain stopper to pin the shank to the...
  16. ronbo

    Radar or Autopilot

    Autopilot. It's like having another crew who doesn't complain and is never tired.
  17. ronbo

    Saga 43

    It's like waterfront property...they don't make anymore. If the price is right...
  18. ronbo

    Saga 43

    I would opine that in those days the build quality of any early design is less than stella. As long as the defects are cosmetic not structural this design makes for a fast boat. If you want to haul a lot of stuff you might look to more displacement.
  19. ronbo

    Saga 43

    A friend is the original owner of hull #1 and has cruised twice to the Bahamas mostly offshore from the Chesapeake. As Bob might say it's a rocket! Good luck.
  20. ronbo

    Where to buy cockpit cushions

    By saying Sunbrella I hope you include their Phifertex fabric which I used to make covers for Bottomsiders cushions after their vinyl coating wore off. They dry quickly, don't easily slide, and after 5 years remain looking good.