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    Alu welds

    Saw this on Craigslist.  Wondering what constructive 'advice' would be for a commercial listing.  Hoping maybe there is hope..
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    small dingy

    I'm looking for some recommendations on what the absolute smallest inflatable dingy that could carry 2 people that could actually work.  Use case is for a 21' walk around with a hard top.  I would probably lash it too the hard top which is about 5' long and a little over 4' wide.  Amazon has...
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    Vaping diesel

    I don't recommend it.    Last season my Volvo 2002B series started fogging up the engine compartment with some sort of vapor.  It is blue-ish in color and looks like it has moisture drops in it.  I thought for sure it was exhaust so I replaced the old waterlift that was very much at the end of...
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    Jacuzzi crack.

    Picked up a 4 person Jacuzzi for a really good price...  It had a large crack in J shape about 6"x8" that was reportedly cause by ice in it when they tried to move it.  Otherwise everything is serviceable so I figured I'd give it a try and if it fails I'm out the time and they got a free dump...
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    Building main entrance vs. vehicle traffic anarchy.. codes?

    I work in a building that was built over 30 years ago.  The main entrance was designed to be at the head end of the parking area so cars would approach slowly, park and people could walk from there to the entrance.  A recent structure was added that redirected traffic so now vehicles drive cross...
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    Sunfish rudder gudgeon retrofit, quick & dirty.

    I am visiting family on Lake Huron that has an older sunfish that they don't use anymore because it has the old style rudder bracket that is effectively useless.  They have gone through a couple hulls and saved all the fittings so they have a complete new style rudder and gudgeon. I understand...
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    Aftermarket engine mounts for venerable Volvo 2002?

    I replaced my original mounts with "genuine" Volvo parts which have failed in about 1/5 of the time of the originals. The aft ones have completely separated rendering the boat pretty much unusable although the engine's 400lbs keeps it nicely in place when everything is level.  My suspicion is...
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    Medivac flight down in SE Alaska For those not familiar if you end up in serious trouble in Alaska chances are very high you will need an air ambulance to get you to help.  This is especially true in SE Alaska where roads tend to...
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    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    First time ever test nationwide... Did they think this one out?  I am imagining bumper to bumper traffic when everyones cellphone goes apeshit and everyone goes to look at the same time.  ...
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    Can Primekote be left unpainted?

    Replacing some of my portslights.. some this fall and some next spring.  I used Interlux epoxy Primekote on the areas I glassed in.  Would it be okay to leave it over winter?  I only used primekote because I had a little left and also used epoxy fairing compound.   Next spring I plan on doing...
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    Stupidly large battery bank trickle charging

    Got a fisherman friend that has 10, count em 10 6 volt deep cycle batteries on his boat.  For reasons I guess.  His house bank is 6 of em in a series parallel arrangement so 12 Volts and 600 Amp Hours?  Geesh..   His inverter charger smoked, so he has no way of keeping the house back up while at...
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    Spray paint for striping?

    Came across a video where it appears this guy knows what he is doing and he is going to use spray paint for the waterline bootstripe.  The thought never occurred to me but it actually makes some sense.  Modern formulations are proving to be incredible tough and weather resistant, as well as...
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    Alternatives to epoxy barrier coat?

    I have my 40 year old 30 footer out trying to figure on what the best course of action and best value is.  The bottom hasn't had any work other than anti-fouling slapped on for probably 20 years and had build up really thick.  I had the hull blasted which revealed some failed gel-coat, lots of...
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    Sailor first world problems- Anchor chain

    Installed new electric windlass. Claim is it can handle any short link chain from 1/4 to 5/16". It handles my 5/16 proof just fine. What I have: 120 ft of 5/16" proof joined to 60ft of 5/16 in bad condition. 35lbs CQR (genuine) on a 30.5' 7 ton cruiser Chain falls to low in the hull under...
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    Volvo MD17 to standby generator conversion?

    I recently acquired a good running Volvo MD17 (35hp I think) that has a blown transmission. They are a cool looking old engine, but their market for them is vanishingly small around here anyway. This is one massive chunk of Swedish iron! I could part it out on Ebay but given it just had a...
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    What the hell is "Five Oceans Marine Equipment"?

    Found this on fleabay: Says its 316SS.
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    Vintage tin sailboat. Help ID

    Anyone seen anything like this? The weighted keel folds (for packaging?) and locks in place for use. The rudder is moveable. It is tin hulled and gaff rigged. Original gaff main and spars except for the mast and jib. No markings other than 'COLUMBIA." and Patent Appl. For. 22 1/2" LOD...
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    fish finder transducers?

    Anyone have any trick ideas to mount a fish finder transducer? I had my mounted to my Hydrovane rudder shaft, screwed onto the end of 1 1/2" drain pipe capped over. Worked ok until I took the hydrovane off. Now it is sticking down from one of the vane mounting brackets.. but its ugly and...
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    Flexible PVC pipe for sanitary?

    Had to replace a bad section of hose and a cheap brass valve on the suction line to the holding tank. Holding tank has a barbed bronze thru-hull at the bottom. The line has a valve on it and then tees into a deck pumpout and a macerator suction. I figured since there are two threaded...
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    Anchoring in 20-25 fathoms... sorry another anchor thread

    Just trying to flesh some things out here before I drop some $$$ on the subject. What I got: 35lb CQR on 180ft of 5/16" chain, coupling to aging/failing SL Hyspeed manual windlass. Falls into deep locker nicely positioned below WL, about 4ft forward of mast. 22lb Lewmar Bruce w/ 15ft 1/4"...