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    Farr 36OD looking to head West

    It's about to get cold in flyover country, so we're thinking about packing up and heading west.  The boat is a Farr 36OD (not to be confused with a Mumm/Farr 36).  We LMPHRF at +9.  We'd prefer buoys, but are flexible.  What's on your winter (Jan-April) bucket list for West Coast/SOCAL Sailing...
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    Monday PSA from your friends ahead of the mast Just a friendly little reminder to know your skill set.
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    M32 Video Downhill at BVI Spring Regatta

    I was sorting through my videos from our Carribbean tour this past spring, and found this. Enjoy.
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    A nice squall line on Lake Superior(video)

    It blew southeast 6-9 all day, until this showed up from the NW. One of the coolest clouds I've ever seen overhead. The squall line seemed to push it back up, which was good. The squall line hits at about 4 minutes in. Sorry for the shotty camara work in the middle. We had two non-sailing...
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    This kid is going to have problems...

    Whether or not you believe children should be walked on leashes, how hungover do you have to be to hand the leash of your three year old son to your six year old daughter, and tell her to take him for a walk. I've seen these two three times, each on the weekend, wandering around town. The boy...
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    Detroit NOOD/Red Bull Air Race

    I saw commercial for the Red Bull Air Race last night, and realized I'll be in Detroit at the same time. If it's light air again..I know where I'm going. Red Bull Air Race
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    Printer Ink: WTF?

    I bought a new HP Officejet 5610. HP makes small ink cartridges 22(tri color) and 27(black). They also make large ink cartridges 57(color) and 56(black). While this printer appears to take both 27 and 56, it does not take the large tri color 56. Anyone know what will happen if I use the 56...
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    M32 video from St. Maarten Heineken

    I'm behind the curve in getting videos and photos online, but here's the first of several. The last minute is the best..we're doing 17-19, and the two of us hiking are getting fairly wet. I don't know how to embed video in the post, so if someone else knows, please feel free to do so.
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    Beer Diet

    This may be a repost, but it was new to me. Video via Metcafe Her blog has a few other watchable pieces. Liv's Blog
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    Hmm..but it looked so good on paper.

    I accidently tried this under a car once, and it didn't end well. Maybe that's why I never tried it under a plane.
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    My buddy and I rarely have what most would consider "Good ideas." After it's second attempt, I think we've officially determined that this one was good, and I thought I'd share with the rest of the class. We drink a lot of beer. We even brew it from time to time. We even bring good ones home...
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    Oops, I fucked up, now what?

    This has come up from time to time in many of the clubs I sail with. I'm curious as to what you would do. If you feel the life jacket rule is a stupid one, then insert another in your mind, such as accidently removing a required piece of equipment(the wrong cushions, storm sails, etc.)...
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    Procrastination, how I love thee.

    I'm not sure if this has already been posted or not. I'm addicted, and I even registered so I could play past level 4. Mad Mariner Docking Game
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    Hunter 170 Capsize Question

    I went sailing with a friend(novice) who purchased a Hunter 170 4 years ago and is very proud of it. We were sailing in a fairly narrow river channel in 12 knts gusting 16. We caught a puff right as we tacked(right before the jib was released). The boat capsized immediately(the same...
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    Public Service Announcement: Crew T-Shirt Sizing

    Be considerate, and order your crew shirts in the appropriate size. Thank you.
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    M32 OD at St. Thomas Rolex

    The St. Thomas Rolex Regatta is trying to get the M32, Farr 40's, and Swan 45's to come. We'll be there(M32#143). I'm wondering who else is going or thinking about it.
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    Where the f*ck did you come from?

    U20 v. S27.9 oops video S27.9(white hull, white kite, 2nd around) rounds the marks miles ahead, and finds itself gassed by Scampi 30(yellow hull, 1st around). They foot off for a while, and tack when they get spit out the back end(off camara). Now on starboard, they don't sheet in, and...
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    Valiant 47

    I've got a customer with a Valiant 47. He says that while it has an innerstay and staysail, the designer(Robert Perry) says it should be sailed as a sloop(low clewed genoa). The staysail is simply used as a jib for heavy weather. My suspiscion is that the customer has bad 4th-hand info, but...
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    Another Kiteship virgen gets his cherry popped

    A series of adventures led me to San Fransisco, CA last week, where No Rumors and Alan H were kind enough to set me up with 184, his Ericson 35 and Alan's 92m kite. Neither I or my gf had used one before, and the other 4 had been on boats with kites before, but hadn't taken the lead in flying...
  20. M them.

    Okay, there's several threads running about sailmakers. The strongest opinion seems to be "Go with the local guy who takes care of you." While I have my personal preferences, I don't want to hear about the company. I know that UK, Doyle, Quantum, and North can all produce fast sails for...