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    End of an era or opportunity? Maine-based Victory Chimes, largest operating, CG-approved, American passenger/cargo schooner, up for sale.

    I believe the Adirondack in the photo above is actually of cold molded construction designed and built by Scaranos up in Albany. The Victory Chimes spent a couple of years in Duluth, Minnesota before returning to Maine. I don't know who owned it then but it was named Victory Chimes, not Domino...
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    Drilling Rubber

    I kid you not, years ago i built a snowboard base sander and had 2 large aluminum drums made, each with different durometers of rubber vulcanized on them and then had a spiral groove pattern machined on one and a diamond pattern machined on the softer one which was the power feed wheel. The...
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    Gelcoat Gun & Compressor combo

    Google Gelcoat cup gun, places like Fiberglast sell them.
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    Drilling Rubber

    you can machine rubber after you freeze it.
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    The ex-Doxy, now Zealous project

    Balance on a skeg rudder was not uncommon, the rudder was typically deeper than the skeg and extended forward at the bottom. Not saying it was a good idea as it would be easy for a stray line or debris to get caught in the gap between the bottom of the skeg and rudder. 
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    Can I tap that? (Fiberglass)

    I agree with all said, stay away from sheet metal screws in fiberglass.
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    bulkheads with foam or no?

    I agree, there is no need for all the fancy notches and shapes. I use a much longer angle on the pointy end than 45 deg though and just cut a notch on the end, almost anything works fine as long as its asymmetrical.  I used to do a lot of work with the joggle stick method 40-50 years ago before...
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    A much bigger one. Ryan and Jzerro seem to be able to regularly knock off 200 + mile days which is incredibly impressive.
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    I'm looking for plans for self-building a 26-31-foot catamaran...

    I can't think of any existing design that fits your SOR off the top of my head but have you considered existing production boats such as the Gemini and Prouts? The early Gemini are probably the most available and for the shortest money and check a few of your requirements such as retractable...
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    This has for sure been a great adventure that i too am very excited to follow. As for records, i do not keep up on them but i feel like we must have surely witnessed the first Cape Horn rounding by proa. Please correct me if i'm wrong. I'm loving seeing a little plywood boat punching above its...
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    Installing a composting toilet.

    Your friend didn't happen to be Peter Freeman by chance? Sounds a lot like his voyage.
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    Installing a composting toilet.

    Absolutely 4 squares is adequate, even with single ply actually, 3 is not enough for me. I used to be one of those who would roll off a handful but when i got the Airhead it just made sense to dial it back and found it very easy. I'm sure some peoples diets make for more of a mess to clean up...
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    Installing a composting toilet.

     I have an older Gemini catamaran which i bought in Connecticut and while it had a 14 gallon holding tank immediately ahead of the throne ( so short hose runs) it had a y valve which allowed for pumping to the tank or pumping overboard but no provision at all to pump out at a marina. I removed...
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    Would this be the first rounding by a proa? Fantastic job i would say.
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    Should the US clear the air over Ukraine?

    I think all trade with Russia needs to cease, period. Any company (worldwide) that wants to do business of any kind with Russia should be banned from access to the rest of the free worlds markets. Their choice. Send them back to the stone age.
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    NY to SFO the hard way

    Count me in too, i keep checking in here but have zero interest in facebook.
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    hazed acrylic

    On acylic, yes.
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    Telstar 26

    A friend of mine bought one on ebay about a decade ago and i helped sail it from the panhandle down to key west and another crew joined( i got off) and they continued on to Belize. I can't comment much on how it sailed as the bottom had a lot of growth and it was very overloaded ( part of why i...
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    Windward improving foils on cruising catamarans

    I replaced the 28" square x 1/2" thick acrylic lens on a big old Bomar cast aluminum hatch with a 1/2" honeycomb panel for the weight savings as well as shaved off the struts and holdowns as i didn't need them in the location i was installing it. If you wanted to keep the light transmission  on...