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    2022 congessional cup

    live streaming begins today. pretty sure it goes live at 11:30am. hoping to see taylor canfield win...again.
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    replacing window sealant

    i searched and struggled to come up with any threads... i am looking for sealant materials that are good to use to re-seal and older boats existing two part frame with a plexi-glass window. the boat is currently in socal, so no severe temperature swings. there is a chance the boat will be in...
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    "it's dangerous out there" - front page

    first...i accidentally stumbled across the mythical page. second...bro, that story is two months old.
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    neptune brass oil lantern

    i’ve got a family oil lantern with a leaking base around the seam. In lieu of replacing the lantern, what can be done to seal the oil containing base?
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    lowell north

    bummed to hear lowell north has passed away. met him once, but did not know him well. lots of wonderful and talented sail makers out there, but I would have to say that north sails has been amazingly successful and innovative from small dinghies to super yachts sail design and everything in...
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    so cal 300

    how long is the delay on the tracker for this event? i actually thought 'yb' trackers were going to be live from now on. are they not? it seems the cal 500 is live, as the boats are smokin' out the gate now. so cal 300 tracker - cal 500 tracker -
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    5o5 worlds

    martin and lowry putting the hurt to the field. results...
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    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    from the front page. if they do away with the laser and laser radial classes for the singlehanded division, what boats will they switch to for the 2024 olympics? i see in the link that they are testing a couple versions of different boats, but which will be for male and female classes?
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    norcold refrigerator

    i've got a de/ev 0061, 7.0 cubic foot ac/dc refrigerator onboard, and have recently experienced it clicking on and off.  it seems to click on and i can hear the unit running for about 3-5 seconds, then it clicks back off. it does this about 3-5 times and then remains off. has anyone had this...
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    shit show (front page)

    should have posted this topic here and not in sailing anarchy but... from the video on the front page "shit show", i'm thinking these boats and teams will have such a high learning curve to control them, that any team that does not mostly master them will be a joke. the video makes it look like...
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    shit show (front page)

    from the video on the front page "shit show", i'm thinking these boats and teams will have such a high learning curve to control them, that any team that does not mostly master them will be a joke. the video makes it look like it just fucking spun up and out of the water.
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    2018 congressional cup

    anybody else having trouble getting the live feed to work today?
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    two new content?

    what's the deal? two days and no new content on the front page? well...i heard there was a front page, so i checked, and no new content since the 16th. what gives? don't make me go to the other site to get my fix.
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    charles manson-dts

    good riddance.
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    j24 world championships

    racing begins next tuesday. I see a good handful of sailors who could win. who else could do it? milev, imai, porter, klatt, ingham, mollicone/ogden, odenbach, welles, takesue, milne entry list  -
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    odd craigslist add

    is it me or is this an odd craigslist add? btw - i'm sure i am odd, but is the add odd also?
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    stoked to read the story about elvis on the front page(i still don't believe there is a front page, but...). jeff is one of many local, just older than me, talented sailors i grew up with and admired when i was younger and still admire today from the ventura area. good on ya buddy and keep up...
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    21,000 pound bomb dropped?

    reports of the us dropping the mother of all bombs in afghanistan?
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    2017 congressional cup

    great to be able to watch it live! should be coming on soon. the announcing can make you a little crazy once in a while though.
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    around the world in a 3'-6"x3'-6" boat

    searched here and cruising anarchy but found nothing. supposedly this dude was to begin march 1, 2017 to go around the world in a little boat. i cant find any way to follow the progress but found this bit of information online. i guess i can try to locate him through ais...