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    Ellison on Defs vs Challs in LVC

    see attatshed fyl chainj ov hart?
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    Aotearoa>US17 ~ Mac88>Win95 ?

    ? ? ?
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    OK Jasper, yoo called it ryt

    yoo called it ryt agen and agen, and I tride to tork yoo owt ov it TNZ sayled a KOSMICK race in very lyt airz yesterday It woz a trooly thing ov grate byooty You wer so ryt and I coodint hav been mor RONG. (PS: it is a grate shaem VE duz not arkive grate stuff just cos ov the arbitrary...
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    Duz tyd matter?

    I am puzzeld that so menny peepel say it duzzint becoz the botes ar so fast. Lets keep it simpel: 20 knots Westerly Wind WITH veins of up to 3 knots East-going (fludding) tyd. UW leg. Several zones of tide releef. In a few plaicez there are even West-going eddeez, in thredz of up to 0.5...
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    Race 4 AmCup reach to mark 1

    Reviewing this on VE, the luffing starts really erly, less than 1/4 way to mark from lyn. Barker gagez away in spyt ov OR luffing, az if still intimidayted from R3. As a consekwents, they end up rounding outside the cercel. Q1: how far woud OR (az leeward overlapping bote) hav to sail above...
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    How shoud TNZ play the first 2 racez ? ? ?

    Given that they hav lakt practiss in attacking from behind and given that they have 2 racez whoz outcum they can afford to tryffel with . . . Woud there be merit in treeting the first 2 racez az trayning opportuniteez, and play with OR perhaps not so mutsh like a bored pussykat with a...
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    Red Bull YAC Races 5 and 6

    Congrats to Burling and the boyz on the winning bote This contest is in striking contrast to the AmCup, and perhaps Ellisonz best legacy ? ? ? Whot say you?
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    non sequitur ov the day

    ""I've made millions in Argentina. I've made millions in Peru. I went to Brazil and made millions . . . and I've gone to New Zealand and lost millions and millions. I think your country is run by idiots." so-korled "investment guru" James Dale Davidson needs a noo repewtayshun manedjment...
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    Can U feel the LURRRV in the Rume ? (pewking noizes offstaidje)

    The seems to be an unpressidented moment of sivillity settling over the forum. Peess and goodwill to all . . . (maybe Ime acksidentally reding the rite posts?) Herez my thairy oin whot MYT be happening here: The OR fans, by & large, are feeling sheepish ( I no I am, at leest sumwhot)...
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    AmCup Role Models

    Which wun ov theez woud you be happyest for your kid to adopt as a model, and why: 1) Baird 2) Barker 3) Barr (Charlie) 4) Bertelli 5) Bertarelli 6) Bertrand 7) Blake 8) Bondy 9) Cayard 10) Connor 11) Coutts 12) Dalton 13) Ehman 14) Ellison 15) Fay 16) Koch 17) Murray (Iain) 18) Percy 19)...
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    Clips of Oracle flybes

    The frankly wurrying clame has been made (from a credible SF sauce) that, as of now, there is littel to sudjest they have this naled. Pleeze post links (and tymer count valews) to video evidents to rebut TIA
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    Does speed = excitment?

    I found this on my computer. I dont know who rote it or when, I must heave had it for a long time, and I dont have the whole peice but this cought my eye just now and I thought it relavent to the 2013 contest. Those who draw a straight line between speed and excitement are falling into a piece...