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    Is this the fat old sailors Unicorn?

    The class is definitely booming as more affordable, and lighter, alternative to the Finn. The sweet spot for helm weight is around 80-90kgs, but guys do pretty well from 75kg to 110kg or so and tons of room in the cockpit and the Mk4 Dan Leech kit boat from NZ is designed with a target helm...
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    GPS, compass, clock and roll?

    I use the Sailmon Max. Not cheap but excellent display on the water from my experience and gathers tons of information (compass heading, COG, SOG, heel, F/A trim etc etc). Team that with a GoPro and Sailnjord and you have almost everything you might want for post sail analysis. I even manged to...
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    Laser/ILCA Builders

    There's a good video tour of the Ovi factory on FB which shows a few details of the extent they go to for ILCAs. Around 15 minutes in you can see they have a jig to set up the mast rake consistently.  Ovi Factory Tour
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    where in the world

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    where in the world

    Hayling Island SC. Looks so tranquil but it's also possibly the place with the most scary stories associated with it from crossing Hayling bar coming back from the bay.
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    Is LaserPerformance planning a new dinghy???

    Not sure about elsewhere, but in the UK LP (as was) churned out lots of different boats* over the years so it would not be surprising to see some more coming along. *these are just the ones I can remember (excluding Dart catamarans)- Laser 13, Laser 16, Laser 2000, Laser 3000 Laser 4000, Laser...
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    Ok, What’s this odd design?

    It's a Bosun for sure. Designed specifically for the Royal Navy and allegedly had to cope with being dropped onto a concrete quay from the height of a ship's deck as part of the spec. Weighs an absolute ton Bosun – Bossoms Boatyard
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    The official 2021 Tokyo Olympics thread

    I'd have to agree with a lot of the above about UK/AUS/NZ/NL dinghy scene being pretty vibrant and in my experience they're also not very hierarchical, so it's not unusual seeing Olympians performing at events anybody can attend. That surely must help make the dream of achieving Gold seem within...
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    RS 400 Thoughts?

    The 400 is a cracking boat. It grew from an attempt to put an asymmetric kite on a Merlin Rocket (a long lived UK and popular development class with a reputation for being very technical). It may not be full on compared to some skiffs, but it's very much a boat that delivers on the old 80/20...