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    Balmar AltMount Serpentine Pulley Conversion I'm sure this has been covered a lot, but I can't the threads where it has been discussed. Yanmar 3GM30F engine. Balmar series 6 alt 100amp. So the PO installed new Balmar alternator. And wouldn't ya know it chews through belts at...
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    Fishing and crabbing Anarchy,BC edition.

    Pre amble. I made a promise to my family that I would be more open to trying crabbing and towing a lure this summer on our trip to the Central BC coast in June-July. I consider crab and fishing gear a poor investment when I can purchase the final product with far less hassle. But the need for...
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    Mixing Lithium Batteries Solar install.

    Is it bad practice to link 2 Lithium batteries from different manufacturers with same chemistry, and each with its own internal BMS in parallel? The new lithium (in parallel) with existing LiFePO4 would also be feed by a new Victron 30 amp 100v MPPT solar controller with 200 watts 12-14 amp...
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    Composite stanctions and bases

    These keen young folks are doing carbon stanchions Please excuse my ignorance in how to embed a video. I was wondering if any of you  have an opinion on their method. G10 backing plate. 6" solid fiberglass stub. G10 deck plate with hole slid over...
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    Multihull Brokers NW

    Anyone have any recommendations for brokers in the Northwest US. I know Matt Dunning "the Multihull Company" has a Tacoma office and a online presence. Anyone else?
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    Vee Mainsheet Experiences

    So who has real life experience with a vee style main sheet on a multihull. Please don't post picture of examples you've found online. I mean actual impression from using it. I only sail on a F31 with a v sheet and it had a cross over at the boom so it was self balancing. This prohibited being...
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    Newick Val trimaran in distress

    A friend has looked at a Newick Val in the Bay Area. It will be crushed in a couple of weeks if a new owner cannot be found. My understanding is it can be had for the leans against it $2500 I will post pictures soon here. It might be the right project for someone enthusiastic. I have no...
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    Replacing Aluminum with G10

    So the transom hung rudder cassette on my wife's F27 has a two sheets of 3/16" aluminum approx 18"w x32"tall separated by 2" alloy square stock. I was checking the stainless bolts that hold the assemble together today and 3 of 10 bolt heads sheared off. I took the whole thing apart and the...
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    HIN number Document Number Help

    So my boat is home built and US Coast Guard Registered with the reg number fixed to the hull. My insurance company wants a HIN and will not accept the Coast guard number as it is not 12 digits. I assume that the HIN would be applied for by boat manufacturers and as mine is homebuilt it miss...