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  1. J

    All things Class40

    What’s this I hear about the keel failure on boat 179?
  2. J


    I saw it too, not sure I’d take the blue hull but give me a glossy black hull or a white one. I’d swap the furler boom for a V boom as well :D   big spec on the boat, it had a carbon mast upgrade with composite standing rigging. I still feel like the build quality is behind X Yachts but I like...
  3. J

    Who know more about the Aeolos P30?

    A 45 foot offshore racer that only a Cat B??
  4. J

    Who know more about the Aeolos P30?

    We all want to see it in 20kts of wind now! Still patiently waiting to see an IRC number…
  5. J

    Best available opening pre feeder

    We had 5 years of reliable use from ours. It was designed by the bowman from Bella Mente. It’s the only opening pre feeder I’ve used that hasn’t let go of a headsail on a hoist. I just make sure to wash it with fresh water 
  6. J

    3di north sails

    Raced a new (to our crew) boat today which came with a 3di 360 raw main and overlapper. Early days and the sail has only had 1 seasons worth of use but seemed in good shape. The genoa had some funkiness going on at the leech but that’s to be expected.
  7. J

    Everybody has a name for their self steering mechanism. What is your's called?

    4 years ago I nicknamed our H5000 pilot Max Verstappen. Expensive, complicated to operate, moments of sheer brilliance, does some questionable manoeuvres 
  8. J

    Best available opening pre feeder

    Schaefer Grand Prix small size opening pre feeder
  9. J

    New Beneteau First 36

    Well I think it looks great. I hope it gets a foot in the door in the UK amongst the vast fleet of SF3300s and the few J99s for people who don’t want a boat that looks like the 3300
  10. J

    New 45 under development ... feedback welcome

    Cool boat and hope it’s fast as it’s being said it will be. Interesting that it’s on par with Kuka Light in terms of weight and DLR. that boat seemed quick off the wind but sucked upwind. Looking forward to the 30 being built and out racing 
  11. J

    Who know more about the Aeolos P30?

    There was a J88 entered by someone who had ordered a brand new SF3600, I believe the J88 was only used to secure an entry.
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    RIP Sam Richmond - Sailing Accident

    Awful news when I found out. A great guy and one of life’s high achievers, taken far too soon. He’ll be sorely missed. 
  13. J

    New Beneteau First 36

    The STL measurement will be to the tack point. The sprit itself is irrelevant to the measurement process
  14. J

    Clubswan 125

    And Leopard
  15. J

    RORC Caribbean 600 2021

    That’s funny because most mid sized boats with a spinnaker staysail and spinnaker pole will tack the staysail to windward. We have a pair of downhaul padeyes that I might try tacking the GS to windward with inside the regular jib when the A3 or S3 is flying. Annoyingly the GS and SS share a...
  16. J

    RORC Caribbean 600 2021

    I think in the rules a staysail is just another headsail and for now there is no rule on number of headsails flown at once or where they’re tacked 
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    RORC Caribbean 600 2021

    There’s an article in a recent Seahorse that talks through the process of tacking the GS to windward. In basic terms an IRC52 doesn’t have a huge fore triangle for carrying multiple headsails. Tacking the GS to windward creates more separation with the SS and greater interaction with the...
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    THE IMOCA thread, single/double handed & TOR

    PRB’s mould sat in the yard along with the original bow that was cut off and replaced with the new bow who’s mould was sat next to it. I couldn’t help but think the cut off now would make a great skiff…  
  19. J

    Code Zero on J boat sprit

    More tension is required for furling too
  20. J

    Clubswan 125

    To be fair Skorpious are bound by the start date of the C600 which is very soon