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    Guns on Boats

    I might have told this tale before.    Standby spill response duty in Prince William Sound on a tug tied to an anchored barge. Just before lunch I was in the wheelhouse BSing when the F&G RIB comes round the point doing 40 and aimed for us. So we all went to the back deck. Their first...
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    Aluminium Centerboard 46-52ft blue water go anywhere

    Sheesh.  Go weld some aluminum. Go glue some CF laminate.  I wouldn't trust third world welders on an aluminum mast. Add to that: If you are packing a welder around on a boat in salt water the guts will corrode. As will the consumables.  Will it work when you need it? How long will sealed...
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    10 mill$ poweryacht capsize during launch in Anacortes

    You could've bought the Taku for $300,005. If'n you wanted to hemmorage some money refitting. But your guests could bring their cars!
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    A few questions on hurricanes

    Alaska????? when it is blowing over a hundred here, it is a little breezy.  Go go back to Kansas, toto. 
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    A few questions on hurricanes

    Thank you for that, I have been thinking about inquiring about plans for Chris White's Hammer Head 54. It is claimed that it does 10 knots under motor. It'll do close to 600 lots of you grind it up, box it and fly it on a 747.  Going fast in big confused seas in a light boat might not be what...
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    A few questions on hurricanes

    What if a meteorite hits the boat while it is tied in a shallow mangrove creek? Will the thieves aboard sue? And the unicorns, what about the unicorns?
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    Engine hours - how many is too many

    Force over area = pressure. It takes pressure to make horsepower. Large displacement and or large bore/short stroke. Pressure = heat. At peak load I've seen 1400c on pyros. That temperature is nearing critical points in some alloys.  Moderate loads compared to nameplate data, warming under...
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    Dec 5 - WA State Ferry Hits Powerboat

    If you are dead and right, you are still dead. Had a weird encounter crossing from Bimini to Ft Lauderdale at night. Encountered the fleet of cruise ships turning laps around a race track awaiting a berth. Night time. Lights on cruise ships. Lots of lights. Can't see their nav lights. They are...
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    Has anyone used an articulating rudder on a sailboat? Trim tab on aft end of rudder turned by a short tiller with a slot that goes over a peg aft of the rudder shaft. Allows the advantages of a wedge on the aft end of the rudder for reducing the dead zone near the center where the rudder doesn't...
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    Perennial question: propeller drag

    Regarding hydraulic transmissions, the hydraulic/lubrication pump is turned by the input shaft of the transmission, so pressure lubrication is not available when the input shaft isn't turning. Splash lubrication by the bull (big) gear running thru the oil sump provides some lubrication. But...
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    Anchor Geekdom

    I posed this question amid some of the anchored Bristol Bay fishing fleet. Would you get better holding with: XX anchor with chain and rode Or XX anchor of weight of previous + weight of chain. Generally shallow anchorages. Mostly sand and glacial silt. No weeds to speak of. Only rocks I've...
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    Rudder and rudder shaft set up - advice needed

    Anyone can build a bridge that will stand up. It takes an engineer to build a bridge that will barely stand up.
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    Building a fibreglass holding tank

    Made a pair of diesel tanks on a layup table. Cut with a carbide grit blade. When 5 sides and baffles installed, and top meticulously flattened, coat inside with thick layer of gelcoat, and upside down it onto the layup table with a wet laminate on it. Trim the outside and tape.
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    Bed Keel in Epoxy or Sealant???

    Imagine your boat with a pivot bearing at the bow, and one at the stern. Suspend the boat from the pivots so it is free to rotate side to side. Rotate 90 deg, you've simulated a knockdown. Cycle the boat 90 stbd, 90 port 24 hours/day, for a year. The only thing holding the keel on is the bolts...
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    multihull reverse bows. please explain why. thanks in adv.

    see if i can remember.... Cavatation: The formation and collapse of vapor bubbles caused by pressure dropping below the saturation pressure for a given temperature, or something like that. Best example is a condensate pump in a steam plant. The condenser runs at a vacuum and temperature drop...
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    never fuckin' mind

    Fuck 'ol rover and sell the pups And the president told me "endeavor to persevere" I don't think much, So I might not be
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    Great videos of boats being loaded and unloaded from a ship

    < 100' > < as long as 2 1/2 forty foot containers > Math is hard, so hard.
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    Strange diesel engine issue.

    Every ship that I've seen has a circulating fuel cleaning system using filters and or centrifuges. That polish the fuel. Harumph!
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    Flotsam from CF

    My favorite place for bacon and tits: <> Sunday brunch was never the same!
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    Hawk-Man Anarchy

    That is a fine fiberglass yacht!