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    The JPK 1085…

      Let the speculation begin!
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    Dusted off my dinghy at the weekend and took it sailing, the mainsheet is not that old but is noticeably stiff and I’m having trouble easing it out in light airs downwind. It wasn’t that high tech when it was new but looking to replace it with something more premium, what’s the best out there? 
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    Olympic 32

    The latest and possibly last proposal for mixed offshore doubles in the Olympics? A Finot Conq designed scow with a hull and deck designed to be recycled
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    J88 Code 0

    Thinking of adding a code 0 to the J88, anyone got one for their J88? I’m thinking of a moderate sized sail that isn’t too big as the boat will mostly be sailed short handed. Also keen to hear what furlers people are using
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    McConaghy Vortex Pod Racer

    This looks absolutely hilarious...
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    Furling heavy weather jib on a lock

    Anyone using a heavy weather jib or staysail on a halyard lock and furler? Trying to come up with a solution for a boat using a Karver hanging lock with a potential purchase on the deck and using a winch for tension many thanks
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    Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot

    Anyone had any experience with the Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot? Our J88 currently has a st1000 pilot for deliveries but I question its performance for solo racing on a tippy boat such as the J88. Short of a custom installation the EV-100 pilot seems to be the most premium ‘plug and play’ pilot...
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    Harken windward sheeting car

    Our Sunfast 3600 came as standard with a Harken windward sheeting mainsail car. Generally it works well but in sloppy conditions or just motoring around and the boom swings it keeps releasing itself and will quickly start to slide up and down the track uncontrollably, 2 days into a light...
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    B&G wireless mhu

    Anyone had any experience with it yet? I’ve heard a couple of good words in the trade but wondering if anyone has had any hard use with one yet?
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    What’s your hull finish?

    Going into the 2019 offshore season we are looking into hull coatings but with so many people having different opinions where do you start? Our season comprises of around 10 offshore races in the UK including the fastnet and possibly the Middle Sea race in October. The boat is a Sunfast 3600...
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    Mustang Survival

    Any suppliers outside North America? Living in the U.K and may want to buy some. Anyone had any consumer experience?
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    ORC certificate

    The swan worlds are going to be rated under ORC this year, I've read about some ORC optimised boats but just I know very little about the rating system. I'll be helping to run a swan entering into the classics class so will be a big heavy boat. What are the trends within the system? I've got...
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    Gorilla rigging

    Anyone had experience dealing with gorilla rigging at all?
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    Gunboat 72

    Lifted from Facebook Want very much
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    the front fell off

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    Orma 60s

    With so many built, where are they now? I know about the Artemis test mule, ex BP4 and whatever vodaphone was also groupama 2 was for sale but haven't heard anything recently. Didn't one break in half as well?
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    Transpac 2013 - looking for a boat

    I am looking for a boat to crew in the 2013 transpac race. i Live in the UK and mainly sail in the Solent near Cowes. I have done 2 seasons offshore in the Royal Ocean Race Series and finished in the top 25 under IRC overall in the 2011 Rolex Fastnet race as bowman on a grand soleil 54. I have...
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    Number 249

    in my local boatyard there has been a Mini numbered 249. it's white with a yellow triple spreader mast and fixed keel. i've never seen the boat move but i'd be interested if anyone has any information about this boat. the yard is Hamble Yacht Services in the UK.
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    what is it?

    this thing has a carbon rig and completely open teak covered cockpit, it's a wooden construction and looks like an old 40ft canoe chopped in half
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    Transpac 2013

    I'm a hamble, UK based sailor specialising in bow and general foredeck work on most sized yachts but I have experience trimming all sails and helming experience. Done bow on everything from J92 to swan 65 ketch. 2 offshore season with RORC including the Rolex fastnet on a race prepared grand...