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  1. NORBowGirl

    Rules question: the committee boat

    We had a discussion after a race this weekend. As several boats decided to start near the committee boat, in almost no wind, it became a mess where some boats touched the committee boat. One of them was ours, and we did a 360 and re-started. One of the other boats didn't, and claimed that the...
  2. NORBowGirl

    Antigua Race Week 2017

    Any other SA'ers going? Any recommendations, tips, etc? Never been to the caribbean before....
  3. NORBowGirl

    ORCi worlds 2016

    So...the ORCi Worlds is starting in Copenhagen on Monday. My team planned to go, but our boat got damaged (beyond repair) in June. Replacement boat couldn't get the logistics together, either. So I'm not going :( Looking at the fleet though, it would be interesting to see which boats will...
  4. NORBowGirl

    The world's biggest overnight race, a beer for Mr Clean if he wins

    Rumour has it that this year our very own Mr. Clean will participate in the Faerder Race in Norway, on a Marten 49. The race starts tomorrow afternoon and consists of about 560 boats. It's about 90 miles long and the fjord will be filled with spinnakers for many, many hours. It's a very tactical...
  5. NORBowGirl

    NORBowgirl wants to sail in December

    Due to really bad planning, I have to take the rest of this year's vacation in December. And since it's winter up here, all the boats are hibernating. So I want to go somewhere warm to sail, either regattas or deliveries. Any tips? Of course, Sydney-Hobart is on my bucket list but I realize...