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    Home Warranty in the US Anarchy

    Similar experience to others here with home warranty. I got one and kept if for a couple years when I bought my home for the exact same reason you are considering it (OLD AC).  After they sent someone out to work on it he told me about them only replacing with what they wanted to and it was all...
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    Online Retailers

    I get a similar result when I search for myself on and I have no arrests, bankruptcies or liens on anything.  They are just trying to get you to pay them for additional information that may or not exist. Lots of people run side hustles out of their home.  I do and run about $100K...
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    Interesting data from Funeral homes and Life insurance companies.

    I am sure that is purely coincidental.  
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    Home Depot Anarchy

    Not sure if it is legit or not but from [email protected] Depot Inc-CEO Not sure where I found it but after hurricane Michael I went looking and stumbled across an e-mail address for one of the C-Team(CEO, CTO...
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    Outdoor WebCam

    I have no experience with this particular camera but it meets your specifications and I have always been happy with the Foscam products I have had.
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    Fucking FedEx-USPS Fuckwittery

    Call the company that sent the package and tell them it did not arrive and they need to send you another one or give you a refund.  Make not of who you talked to and what they said.  Follow it up with an e-mail to their customer support.  If you do not have a tracking number for a replacement or...
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    Why can't people pronounce "Omicron" correctly?

    Same reason people say "I could care less" instead of "I couldn't care less".
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    Boat Deliverys??

    I put mine in Continuity Status many years ago.  Went to talk to the local sea school and they said all I had to do was a 1 day renewal course and of course all the $$ for app fee, drug test, ...... Looking at about $1K when all is done.
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    Singapore Does What We've All Been Thinking...

    And obesity was not caused by overeating Liver issue not caused by excessive alcohol consumption . . . For everyone advocating for non vaccinated not getting free treatment are you also in support of: Drug addicts being turned away at the door to the ER when in the midst of...
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    Convincing scared RNA vaxxers

    Every commercial that begins with "You may be entitled to financial compensation" refers to something the FDA approved.
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    T-Mobile home internet?

    I have been using it for several months.  It is nowhere near as fast as cable but the only cable provider in my area (mediacom) sucked.  It would drop 10-15 times per day sometimes for as long as 30 min. Signal was week in my area and I have a block home with all voids filled with concrete so...
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    Meme Anarchy

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    Coast Guard at work

    I think you being on the water is the only "probable cause" they need. 
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    My experience with Mediacom is if you have your own modem and there is a problem they always say their system is working fine, the problem is with your equipment.  If you rent a modem from them and there is a problem at least you can plug 1 computer directly into their modem and if the problem...
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    How can working waterfronts and pleasure boaters coexist?

    And your assessed value can only go up a maximum amount (3% I think) per year.  That helps keeps folks from being taxed out of their home. Say someone on a fixed income has been living in their home for 40 years if they had to pay property tax based on current value there is a good chance that...
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    Internet Bandwith Testing

    I was having a similar issue with Mediacom.  Mediacom told me they did not see a problem.  I wrote an app that pinged google DNS ( every minute and created a log of when it was connected and was not connected.  After 2 days of logging I contacted them again and offered to send them a...
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    Help me find my next truck (SUV)

    Do you need the power of the expedition?  If so have you considered the Nissan Armada?  
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    Beware of Intex inflatables

    It could also be that AMEX charges the vendor considerably more than Visa and MC.  At least they did back when I ran a retail shop.
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    NYC doormen fired for not coming to the aid of woman in hate crime

    1911 is always faster than 911.