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  1. chester

    US Open Womens Singles Final

    I'm not sure i can watch!!!!  first time two unseeded plyers are in the final, first teenagers since '99 serena nad martina hingus. They're children!!!   I've watched all of Leyla's matches but only parts of Emma's.  It should be a fantastic match. Go Leyla Annie (and Emma too  :D )
  2. chester

    World Juniors

    starting at a blistering pace
  3. chester

    The Dude is sick new shit has come to light
  4. chester

    Engine Conversions

    So, not a car/engine guy myself (i.e, i couldn't wrench a bloody thing) but shoehorning HP into cars has always interested me.  over the years in other threads we've talked about this.  For instance i think NACRA has pumped up some VW camper buses with subbie power and we've talked about small...
  5. chester

    Gord Downie constellations reveal themselves one star at a time
  6. chester

    Boat Burning

    " a big bang" black smoke fills me with dread.
  7. chester

    NHL 2017

    Season starts tomorrow. what I've been reading says the Penguins are favorites and if not them Tampa or Edmonton.  a few nods to the Preds and Anaheim but mostly Lightening and Oilers.  The Lightening can easily come out of the east, lot's of talent, goal to forwards.  The Oilers are a little...
  8. chester

    NHL 2016-2017

    watching senators leafs in ottawa. 1/2 way through the third and it's a 4-4 barn burner. 19 year old, arizona born (!!) first overall pick austin mathews has scored all 4 leaf goals...that's right 4 goals.
  9. chester

    Joe Cocker - DTS
  10. chester

    New Main

    Duded. going to get a new mail for the Mirage 25. came across Precision Sails ( in Langley. they have a no nonsense and useful website and the prices seem good. any one used them and can offer an opinion? Chester
  11. chester

    Canada - USA: 2014 men's Hockey Semi-final

    OK, let's get this game up front with it's own thread. There is just no way to tell how this could go. It could be a blow out either bad goal early could change everything. or it could be an epic back and forth nail biter that goes to down to the wire. Go Canada!
  12. chester

    good dog

    service dogs for veterans
  13. chester

    Stomping Tom Connors - DTS

    Country vagabond thumbs his last ride.
  14. chester

    Stone Frigate!

    So, i'm checking out the Vendee Globe and I'm looking at the race viewer and see a map label: Georgetown Island. this is not afamiliar name to me so I google it and come to Ascension Island. The description said that the british navy garrisoned the island after Napoleon was dumped on St...
  15. chester

    Great-Grandma bags a moose At 95!
  16. chester

    Should I turn it on?

    So I inherited an Engel cooling system with the boat that was never installed. If the PO told me, I can't remember why he never did the install. the model # is scsd-5405-A and the serial number doesn't give any hints to its age. I don't know if he bought it new or used. It looks like it's...
  17. chester

    Small Houses

    Hi I didn't want to hijack a thread with talk about small houses. to sumarize: bob said he had once designed an 800 sq.ft. house just for him; Chester suggested that our society needs more smaller houses not bigger ones and joli stated the house he has owned for 28 years wasn't too big and had...
  18. chester

    Winows Question

    I have a new acer laptop, a cheap pentium P6200 powered one. when i start gmail it says i need to enable active x controls. i have followed the instructions and in fact the active x controls ARE enabled. in addition, i can't watch video because it prompts ne to down load flash player, which i...
  19. chester

    Montreal Mob Boss

    the Rizzutos are being executed one by one.
  20. chester

    Dead Hottie Walking?

    I'm pulling for ya, kid