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    PHRF differences

    So one boat is 30 sec/mile and another is 63 sec/mile Can someone give me some real world example of performance difference. On a 10 mile course the difference is 330 sec so time on time would be 5.30 over say 2 hour elapsed so 2.15 an hour.
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    On That!

    Ed, those guys usually deliver Enchantress back from Hobart to Adelaide (home port) after the Hobart race leaving Tasmania to starboard, so. west coast back uphill for 1500 miles in the Southern Ocean. You should have some free time next January!
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    C-Map, Navionics vs. Official ENC

    Can anyone send me a link to a Report where the cause of a serious grounding was a failure with C-Map or Navionics or other proprietary mapping system as opposed to a Offical ENC system. Cheers
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    Not So Pretty Mary - Front Page

    Really Ed, next time ask the locals. The picture ain't on any East Coast or near the Hippolytes. But if we tell you where it is we have to kill you. But if you could get to Australia I can take you with me to there in late January.
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    Must Have!

    Complete bullshit and counter productive and author is not an owner! FFS They have clearly not read any common boat insurance policy at least in OZ. More importantly, does not consider limitation of liability legislation that exists in many jurisdictions.
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    Northern Winter Circuit Aust - what is running?

    So with the Victorian lock down there will be less superanuants going to Spring Break, so what is left? So Airlie is a go at this stage. Hammo, maybe a go RQYS Manly to Hammo Race - canned for lack of entries (sad that your own club fleet who have no interest in it.) RQYS Manly to Keppel...
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    Ronstan - maybe tone deaf

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    Covid 19 AIS game

    So in the Queensland, the official line is no boating unless it is essential. Fishing for food is essential as is travel for work purposes. So hop on Marine Traffic and see who has left the AIS on and perhaps is undertaking a trip that is not essential. Try it in your local area. Two make...
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    New WLYDO Project - Gentlemen's Powerboat Cruiser

    So as most are bit housebound right now it is the perfect time to have this project. Seeing that sailboat racing has become a complete shit show and yacht clubs have lost the reason for their existence ie. boating, here is the brief. Powerboat (lightweight diesel or 4 stroke outboard) Length...
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    Qld Night Race double MOB, one dead

    Breaking news of a double MOB with one fatality in the very popular Kingfisher Bay night series in SE Qld. Super experienced owner on a 44.7 it looks like.
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    New sailing training aids for Australia

    Too good not to post!
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    Fatality off Forster

    MAN KILLED IN BOATING ACCIDENT OFF FORSTER By Jack Antcliff - October 7, 2019   Share         A 38-year-old man has died in a boating accident near Forster on the Mid North Coast. The man was one of four people onboard the...
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    Yacht carrying tonne of drugs hits Abrolhos Islands reef, alleged smugglers found on island ABC Mid West & Wheatbelt By Laura Meachim, Evan Morgan Grahame and Andrea Mayes Updated 36 minutes agoThu 5 Sep 2019, 3:35pm Photo: The yacht, named "Zero", has been brought to Geraldton...
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    Aust Sailing Australian IRC Championships

    Somebody tell how me how to make sense of paragraph 3.3 as opposed to paragraphs 6.2 and 6.3 respectively. I thought a boat could only have one valid IRC certificate at a time. So paragraph 6.3 must be a mistake when talks about "certificates" Presumably it is to allow a boat to race under a...
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    Super foilers for sale

    Page 19 of the aust financial review this morning has in interesting ad high speed hydrofoil raceboats and IP for sale
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    HF antenna

    So for the ham geeks here. So the boat has an open stern with a three lifelines supported by a central stanchion across the stern. So if I am clever, I should be able to make this set up into a hf antenna. Anyone done it. Cheers
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    Station sponsor!
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    S&S Design 2096 rebuild

    Thought I would put this over here as it might be appreciated. Rebuild of the original design 2096 (launched September 1972) goes back in the water on Tuesday.
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    Help the Ed find the new "Anarchy"

    Given the Ed new pre-occupation with old IOR warhorses as he goes through this middle age yachting menopause thing we can only help him find the new Anarchy given he has this one for about ten minutes. So post your suggestions here. I am starting with this one. (bit nice really) The Cruising...
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    Runaway should be saved!

    For the KIWIS amongst us. Just popped up om Gumtree for sale. Pathfinder all done and the owner posts here. Rainbow 2 all done and sailing in Auckland Runaway should have it's turn. For those with no sense...