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    Revolution in Iran?
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    a/c thermostats swing and delay settings ?

    so if I can trip the breaker on restart after a powerblip now I can't get delay in a new thermostat ? I think when the thermostat said delay it is ONLY after the unit stopped by it's own commands not a power problem blip/restart I would like for BOTH to happen you are correct as that jogged...
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    a/c thermostats swing and delay settings ?

    swing is the number of degrees between on and off for cooling or heat and delay is for the a/c compressor not locking from start/stop/starting too often and better to run longer be off longer cycle hard to find on some units eazy on others with a direct relation to days to ship never in stock...
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    Towing a sailboat without a trailer license plate

    I have a plate but forget what it was for originally was a fla tag that never had a weight listed on it's registration so the tag clerk will on occasion tell me to get it weighted so they can list it that tag was for an older trailer no make or numbers at all I say ok but never do and they...
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    Crazy Dinghy Ideas

    side idea if the super strong line had a shape like a airfoil 1000ft long to the balloon how thin can a foil be ? foam inside a super fiber skin ?
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    Crazy Dinghy Ideas

    balloon airfoil shaped kite floated by H2 no mast no flip cat/kite boat yes H2 leaks out of anything but as water is H2O you have an unlimited supply just move to spin a prop to make el tricks to get H2 free pump into a gas tank for later use my crazy idea
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    How many non-sailors here?

    ONE ANCHORAGE RESIDENT CALLED HIS MANY FANS GROUPERS but he was in the snow trade so no shortage groupers
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    Does this reefing line look right?

    AS BOOM hits go the less canopener junk to get you best is none and a never to far back
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    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    looks good just do NOTLIKE the plate and bolts near the seat OUTSIDE EPOXY THEN REMOVE THEM ?
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    Harbor 25

    so is it really 100 times better then a beat up col 24 from 62 that one could buy for 1k before the plague
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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    head trauma got him after a month of in and out of the hospitals I think of mr rock every time I see a kid on those new el scooters going 20mph++ with out any head gear
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    HobieOne with Laser rigging

    think I had a smaller tube in the boat then a bit bigger one maybe sunfish mast or part of one then a old f/g wind surfer top bit there are the smaller kids rig sails for the laser if high winds but most lakes here are inland low wind places mostly and the full rig with my 150 lbs sailed fine...
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    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    they were very common in a pop off copy in s fla I must have had 3 or 4 of them in addition to about that many real ones one ply dink was super lite but a bit wider beam then most it would very breifly plane on the stroke but only one up no gear
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    Board Boats

    used a chrysler what ever pirate name bigger board boat as a rowing dink it also sailed with common laser rig a bit bigger and would float more people then a sunfish or laser hull there is also others inc a bigger sunfish clone most will work see what pops up close and cheap/free and will use...
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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    USE skateboard as a sliding seat and battery or ice dock roller move a dink on one if the pavement is smooth but non el only powered boards need helmit use I lost a buddy and a planned bermuda race ride to a gas powered one
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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    any one playing with car alternators as cheap el motors ? if the thing is rated 100 amp at 12v
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    You're not qualified to have lithium batteries

    one can burn power to stop by reversing if the battery is tooo full maybe caps plus a few different charge rate/discharge rate batterys some to take a cap quick charge gain others for quick dis charge others to store long time with slower in and outs back feeding the quicker ones
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    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I do not know about FEMA gifts of 250k after andrew we got $2500 from them for the live aboard boat damage and we asked about LOANS but were told NO and 2.5 k was the standard FEMA payment for damage so I think the decimal was moved a bit there dude we armored the roof to stand up to 200 mph...
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    Best rowing tender/dinghy with passenger.

    bigger is better why small if not towing it 12 is the best size for two up 16 if more weight carrying is needed what do I know we lived at anchor year round over 20 years btw make oars by taper spiting western red ceder 2x4 to two 1x3 and I use a bucket plastic cut up for cheap spoons on the...
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    torn down capt dick's aka anchorage sailing club in dinner key

    I heard there is a new building on the old site of capt dicks restaurant and bar is open any one go by there yet ?