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  1. EGG

    For All Of You In Warmer Climes...

    Ice House.
  2. EGG

    West Michigan Thread

    Honor the Box! I absolutely love Crystal Lake and E scows!!
  3. EGG

    C scow advice

    No, just sail with two, if the winds pick up over 12-15, add a third.
  4. EGG

    C scow advice

    Our C program 185 skipper, 150 to 170 crew, third crew 100 pounder. Good luck.
  5. EGG

    West Michigan Thread

    Thanks MYC and the WMYA, had a blast this past week. Thanks Jack, BT & ET for all the help and lodging.
  6. EGG

    West Michigan Thread

    A few rum bottles in the bilge will bring the SI up.
  7. EGG

    Volvo Ocean Race Game

    That made me laugh, being dyslexic myself, it is easy to read their posts. Most of the time.
  8. EGG

    Fun video

    Stupid Hroth Dope smokers.
  9. EGG

    65- by 32-foot catamaran 3200sqft of living space

    Any news on "hot rod" the boat builder?
  10. EGG

    caption contest

    Designed by master builder "hot rod" for his 65'x35' cat
  11. EGG

    West Michigan Thread

    Any boats in the H2O. Bump!
  12. EGG


    Donkey Cone!!!
  13. EGG

    Queen's Cup Anarchy

    Thanks for asking, my last delivery was 3,867 N.M.
  14. EGG

    Queen's Cup Anarchy

    A slight adjustment. Cary on.
  15. EGG

    The cult of KU

    My appoligies, I put it in the wrong forum, small print on the phone. Thanks for the info from others.
  16. EGG

    The cult of KU

    Any one know what happened to the KU?
  17. EGG

    Chicago Mac

    What is the stability index value on the good looking travel lift shin dick?
  18. EGG

    Chicago Area III

    I just spit my rum and coke out...clasic!!! Bahaaaa.
  19. EGG

    VORG names

    SA name: Micke VORG name : Micke SA name: dacapo VORG name: dacapo SA name: elle VORG name: heathen SA: Blunted VORG: Poona SA: Ohf Shore VORG: Swanno SA: Sailing My Cubicle VORG: Sailing My Cubicle SA name: Across the Pond VORG: Sucking Diesel SA name: gusmus VORG: Gusbus SA...
  20. EGG

    Working Towards Your Dreams

    Just grind it out!!